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Starfighter Dice

Game Description

Manufacturer and Designer of Gaming accessories.


  • Starfighter Dice: transparent dice compatible with the X-Wing miniatures game.
  • Starfighter Tokens
  • Starbattle Dice: transparent dice compatible with the Armada miniatures game.

Darkpilot Designs Products

Rise of the Order

Join the Predator Squadron and fight for the New Republic!   Mission One: Space Battle: Capture the Shuttle

Klatu Sector Mini Campaign

The Battle for the Klatu Sector takes place over 5 distinct locations at roughly the same time. Klatu Sector, though on the edge of the Outer Rim, is useful for its ore mining and gas farming. It is also riddled with places that smugglers and the Rebellion use as outposts and bases. Download Rules as […]

Predator Squadron

615th Squadron – Middle Tennessee’s Star Wars Gaming Group for X-Wing Miniatures, Armada, Imperial Assault, and any other Star Wars Game. Base┬áPlanet: Nikta III , Klatu Sector, Diverse planet, 10% cityscape. Command Ship: Skywatch I , CR90 Corellian corvette class starship. Commanding Officer: Commander Cave, 2nd Republic Fleet officer. Date: 12 ABY Campaigns Battle for […]