• Warrior Classes
    • Fighter: The world is filled with those who choose to face problems with a sharp edge. The Fighter is the guardian of the group, and the one who cuts a path through the enemy.
    • Barbarian: Some barbarians find the term insulting and dismissive of their rich culture. Others embrace it. The Barbarian is guided by intense emotions, and often does not think about who, or what, is getting in the way.
    • Archeon: Archeons are the watchers of the mages. Some are witch hunters, while others serve as their bodyguards. An example of an Archeon could be a knight of the church, who has a will and power to root out evil magic and spellcasters.
  • Mage Classes
    • Wylder: Self-taught and undisciplined, the wylders are the wild mages of Atheles.
    • Luminar: Formally trained spellcasters are called Luminar. They must be trained by one of the magical institutions in Atheles, which include the Wizard Tower, the Druid Council, and many of the established churches. Though their base stats may be shared, their spell choices and Talents should reflect their path of learning.
  • Scout Classes
    • Ranger: A Ranger may be a scout for a city guard, keeping the outer lands protected for his people. Or a Ranger could be a loner who finds peace in the seclusion of the rugged, wild lands. No matter their story, a Ranger has certain skills that benefit one who spends much of their time in the wilderness.
    • RogueThe Rogue has mastered the art of using wit and agility to overcome adversity and to get what is wanted. A Rogue can be the thief sneaking past guards to steal a bag of gold or a small-statured person who has learned clever ways to come out on top in a fight. They will use whatever tools are at their disposal, often in clever and novel ways.