Feral Elfling


Feral Elfling: -1 CHA, +2 DEX, cannot use iron, low light vision 60’

Lifespan: 90 Average Height: 3’ Average Weight: 65 lb. Speed: 20

A Feral Elfling belongs to a group that was caught between the worlds during the Disappearance. They lived in a harsh dream-like world, fighting for their lives against the environment and demons. Unlike their cousins, the feral elflings have little problem with violence, having gone to severe lengths to survive during their Exile, as they call it. They are not adjusting well to the world since their return, and they find its inhabitants soft. They do not get along with others, though some tribes have slowly begun to accept contact from the outside.

Physically, they are nearly identical to their normal elfling cousins, but they have a wild look to their eyes, a paler skin tone, and often have sharpened teeth and tribal scarification.