Gaining Levels

Experience and Leveling

A character gains Levels after an average of 12 encounters, either combat or social. Leveling speed is decided by the Game Master, and should be based on the creation of the adventurers’ Saga, not just numbers or killing.

Heroic Abilities – Level Bonus

As an adventurer gains Levels, they gain Abilities that make them extraordinary. Below is the chart of heroic Abilities that they receive as level bonuses. This information can also be found on the far right of all class level charts.

Heroic Abilities

Level Heroic Abilities
1st 1st Legacy Item, 5 skill points to start, 2 Talent Points to start
2nd Bonus Hit Point, +1 Skill Point
3rd All Resistances gain +1, +1 Skill Point, +1 Talent Point
4th +1 Ability Point, +1 Skill Point, 2nd Legacy Item
5th +1 Deflection Bonus to AC, +1 Skill Point
6th All Resistances gain +1, +1 Skill Point, +1 Talent Point
7th Natural Armor +1, +1 Skill Point, 3rd Legacy Item
8th +1 Ability Point, +1 Skill Point


The Abilities of a multiclassed character are the sum of their combined class Abilities.


Character level is the total number of Levels a character has. It affects the level-based Abilities listed above in Heroic Abilities Table

Class level is the number of Levels an adventurer has in that particular class.

Hit Points

A character gains hit points from each class as his or her class level increases, adding the new hit points to the previous total.

Base Attack Bonus

Add the base attack bonuses acquired for each class to get the character’s base attack bonus (BAB). A resulting value of +6 or higher can provide the character with multiple attacks as listed in their class chart.

Saving Throws

Add the base save bonuses for each class together.

Ability Increases

A multiclass character gains ability score increases based on character level, regardless of individual class level.


The character gains Spells from all of his or her spellcasting classes and keeps a separate spell list for each class. If a spell’s effect is based on the class level of the caster, the player must keep track of which class’s spell list the character is casting the spell from.

Optional – Multiclassing Mages

Most mages in Atheles begin their careers as wylders. Later they may find a focus for the Art and become a luminar. This would limit a magic user from attaining the highest Levels of either class.

As an option, when a wylder begins training as a luminar and has gained one level in luminar, they may retroactively change their previous Levels as a wylder to luminar Levels. It is handled as if they have rerolled their character as a luminar of their current level.

The loss of hit points and combat prowess is explained as their refocusing on the spellcraft it takes to become a luminar.