SagaBorn Settlement Rules

City Statistics

Crime ; Economy ; Law ; Knowledge ; Magic

Highest Stat is 5, lowest -5

Settlement Type Population Range
Thorp Fewer than 20
Hamlet 21–60
Village 61–200
Small town 201–2,000
Large town 2,001–5,000
Small city 5,001–10,000
Large city 10,001–25,000
Metropolis More than 25,000

Common Types of Governments

  • Anarchy – No enforced government or political authority.
  • Aristocracy – A government whose power resides in a small privileged ruling class.
  • Democracy – An elected government by the people in which most have equal power.
  • Monarchy – A single king or queen rules over the lands, and has ownership over them.
  • Republic – A government in which the people elect their governmental officials, with a doctrine to safeguard the rights of the individual.
  • Theocracy – A god or deity is the supreme ruler, and their clergy are their representative.