Skills are things anyone can learn to a lesser or greater extent if they study or train hard, especially if they train under a tutor or master. In game terms, Skills are measured by ranks. Skill ranks run from 0 (unskilled) to 5 (world class). A player has 10 skill points to spend on his character’s skill ranks during character creation at first level.

A skill roll is d20 + Ability Modifier + Skill Rank. Skill ranks can not be higher than your current player level plus one (to a max of 5). You receive one skill point per level after first level.

The skill names in the following chart cover a broad range of actions a character can do. This is, of course, an incomplete list, and it is between the player and Game Master (GM) to decide what skill an action would fall under.

Skill Name Ability Actions
Acrobatics DEX Balance ,Escape Artist, Juggle, Tumble
Athletics STR Climb, Jump, Swim
Awareness WIS Investigate, Listen, Search, Spot, Sense Motive, etc.
Endurance CON Run, Swim, Hold Breath, Row, Endure Pain/Torture, Endure Heat or Cold Better, etc.
Knowledge INT Appraise, Knowledge (history, legends, herbology, monster lore, etc.), Detect Poison, etc.
Persuasion CHA Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, etc.
Spellcraft Spellcaster Primary Ability* Spell Sight, Focusing, Ravaging, etc.
Survival WIS Track, Forage, Hunt, Start Fire, Fletch, Skin, Set Snares, Fish, Identify Edible Foods & Herbs, Locate Potable Water, Detect Poison, etc.
Thievery DEX Sneak, Hide, Pick Locks, Find/Set/Disarm Traps, etc.

*The Spellcaster Primary Ability Bonus is the ability bonus listed in Ability Bonus chart. The Spellcaster chooses their primary Spellcaster Ability (INT,WIS, or CHA) when they choose a spellcaster class.

Standard Skill Check

1d20 + Skill Points + Ability Modifier > DC15

Determine Derived Stats

  • Armor Class (AC) = DEX modifier + Armor bonus
  • Hit Points = Max + CON modifier at 1st level. Roll hit die + CON modifier thereafter.

Savings Throws

According to Class Chart

Difficulty Class

Some checks are made against a Difficulty Class (DC). The DC is a number (set using the skill rules as a guideline) that you must score as a result on your skill check in order to succeed.

Difficulty Class (DC)Examples

Easy 0 Climb a knotted rope (Athletics)
Average 5 Hear an approaching creature (Awareness)
Tough 10 Set up a snare trap (Thievery or Survival)
Challenging 15 Swim through stormy water (Endurance)
Formidable 20 Open an average lock (Thievery)
Heroic 25 Leap across a 30’ chasm (Athletics)
Nearly Impossible 30 Track creatures across hard ground after a rain. (Survival)