Milentus spent a good portion of his life adventuring through the stars before being marooned on a desert world with a group of his closest friends. They were a reckless crew, always seeking the most dangerous adventures.

And in the midst of one of those dangerous adventures…he woke up on a rock, floating in space. Alone. His body felt different. His mind felt different, as if time had passed when, to him, none had.

At the far side of that floating rock, a ship was leaving. Aboard that ship was a man, and he looked familiar. Milentus knew him, but could not place him. What memories remained were fuzzy. Could he even picture his friends, any more? Could that have been one of them? It was all so confusing.

After a short wait, marooned on his floating rock, another ship came. This one sought slaves, and with little means to fight, he was captured easily.

And aboard the ship, he met others who had been taken.

After they escaped their bonds, subdued their captors, and commandeered the ship, they flew to a city upon a large floating rock. This was exactly the sort of place Milentus would know about…but he had never seen this place. How could this be?

Clearly, there is a mystery to unravel. He sets out to find clues to recover his memory and to discover how much time has passed and what happened to him.

Otherwise, he seeks to continue his life as he did before. He spends most of every day practicing with his blades, for the blades are what he has in place of religion. He fights all who are worthy, for he loves to challenge himself, as that’s what makes him better. And otherwise, he seeks fun and adventure. He is quite a dangerous companion for those who will have him, for he will do anything, so long as it seems interesting and fun.