Verren – One of the most common races among the stars. They stand 6 feet tall, have a wide assortment of skin tones, hair color, and cultures. +1 to a Skill


Wheblon are small furry bipedal creatures who originally came from a small planet in the outer reaches. Their ability to climb has earned them an honored place among ship crews. +2 to Climb


Telflen are small humanoids who were once entirely subjugated by the illarth. They are short, agile people with purplish skin and yellow eyes.

Lifespan Height Weight Speed Home System
300 years 4 ft 80 lbs 25 ft None



  • Average life expectancy: 300
  • Age of adulthood: 30
  • Height: 4′
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Speed: 25
  • Darkvision 30′, regain 2 extra HP per night of rest.

Telflen were brought to the galaxy by the illarth. Some Telflen escaped and became rooted in spacer culture. They have no planet, no allegiances, save that they all hate the illarth and many will do anything to free some of their enslaved brethren. 

They are quick to laugh and quick to anger. They do have a predisposition to see things negatively and this leads to many of them to be snarky and melancholy. They love the arts, and often excel at making things. They have little culturally to bring them together as the illarth stripped their memory, leaving them with no history. This has caused many of them to be extremely interested in other races’ histories, a possible search for meaning or a spark of connection to their own lost past. 

Telflens are short and slim, making them good recruits for working in the rigging or crowd nests. They tend to be hardy, which is why the illarth may have chosen them as slaves, providing easy food that readily heals. 

They have various tones of red to purple skin and their hair is black to darker warm colors. Their eyes look like milky yellowish mirrors, which many find unsettling. Two bony horns protrude from their foreheads, curving back and twisting over their scalp.The enjoying garish and colorful clothing.



Telflen know little of their history due to their imprisonment with the illarth. In their search for a cultural identity they have been known to take on the beliefs of the other cultures of the galaxy. They have an affinity with the elflings, and find their views of the universe as chaos compelling.


Home System

Since the Telflen came with the illarth it is assumed that they originated in a system within the original illarth galaxy. In this galaxy, they have preferred to stay our in the void, and have no large settlements on planets.


In Voidspace

Telflen fill many jobs in the Verse, from captaining a privateer ship to running a shop on an asteroid port. They have many skills and specialties, though their small bodys make it hard for them to perform some heavy jobs.



The Telflen have no strong universal dogmas, having come from the void of illarth enslavement. They delight in other cultures beliefs and have adopted many spiritual beliefs according to the part of the galaxy they reside in.


Orogs are a race that was brought to the stars for their fierce constitution. They are strong, smart, and can survive in the worst conditions for longer than any other race.


Orlocks travel the galaxy in hive ships, each built for and ruled by a single orlock queen. The hives travel Voidspace in search of resources.


Orbloc are an aquatic race who have evolved to live on land as well. They can breathe both in air and underwater.


Ocuth are a race of creatures who are innately magic. Thei bodies are round and dominated by a single eye and a large gaping mouth. They have an insatiable hunger for everything, power, sustenance, knowledge, or magic.


Nomes are a small race, standing only 2 feet tall. They excel in mechanical feats combined with magic.


Illarth are a tall, parasitic creatures. They travel the stars in search of prey, and due to their high intelligence and magical prowess, their empire spans half the galaxy.


Goblins are a vicious small race who delight in violence. They make good ship workers as they are small and agile, eating little, and able to climb any rigging. They are a very unreliable crew, prone to deceit and violence.