Equipment 1.5



The coins of Atheles are gold pieces (gp), silver pieces (sp), and copper pieces (cp). The exchange rates are 10sp=1gp, and 10cp=1sp.

Each player gets 1d4 x 10 + 20 gp at character creation.

Adventurer’s clothing1 gp2 lbs
Animal glue5 sp1/5 lb
Astrolab1,000 gp6 lbs
Backpack (empty)2 gp2 lbs
Backpack, masterwork40 gp4 lbs
Barrel2 gp30 lbs
Bedroll1 sp5 lbs
Blanket, winter5 sp3 lbs
Belt pouch1 gp1/5 lb
Bottle2 gp1 lb
Caltrops5 sp1 lb
Candle1 cp
Canvas (sq. yard)1 sp1 lb
Case, map or scroll1 gp½ lb
Cauldron1 gp5 lbs
Chain (10’)30 gp2 lbs
Chalk1 cp— 
Chest, small2 gp25 lbs
Chest, large10 gp100 lbs
Cloak2 gp2 lbs
Cloak, leather10 gp5 lbs
Cooking kit3 gp16 lbs
Creature Compendium25 gp2 lbs
Crowbar2 gp5 lbs
Fishing kit5 sp3 lbs
Flint and steel1 gp
Grappling hook1 gp4 lbs
Hammer5 sp2 lbs
Hammock1 sp3 lbs
Ink and quill8 gp— 
Iron spike5 cp1 lb
Journal10 gp1 lb
Ladder2 sp20 lbs
Lamp5 sp1 lb
Lantern1 gp1 lb
Lantern, bullseye12 gp3 lbs
Lantern, hooded7 gp2 lbs
Lock (very simple)20 gp1 lb
Lock (average)40 gp1 lb
Lock (good)80 gp1 lb
Lock (exceptional)150 gp1 lb
Lock Box 10”x6”x4”15 gp1 lb
Magnifying glass100 gp— 
Manacles15 gp2 lbs
Map, local15 gp
Map, world35 gp
Mirror, small steel10 gp½ lb
Mug2 cp1 lb
Oil (1 pint)5 sp1 lb
Paper4 sp— 
Piton1 sp1/2 lb
Pot8 sp4 lbs
Rations, trail (per day)5 sp1 lb
Rope, hemp (50’)1 gp10 lbs
Rope, silk (50’)10 gp5 lbs
Sack (empty)1 sp½ lb1
Salt (1lb)5 gp1 lb
Saw4 cp2 lbs
Sewing needle5 sp— 
Signet ring5 gp
Shovel2 gp8 lbs
Soap (per lb)5 sp1 lb
Sledge1 gp10 lbs
Spyglass500 gp1 lb
Tent, small10 gp20 lbs
Tent, medium15 gp30 lbs
Tent, large30 gp40 lbs
Tent, pavilion100 gp50 lbs
Tent, leather (upgrade)+20% base tent cost+20% base tent weight
Torch1 cp1 lbs
Twine (50 ft)1 cp1/2 lb
Waterskin1 gp4 lbs
Whetstone2 cp1 lb

Equipment Descriptions

Adventurer’s clothing: Simple clothing for those who travel.

Animal glue: Glue made from natural substances. It can be used to hold things in place.

Astrolab: An instrument used for navigating the sea. When used during seafaring, it gives +1 Expertise to any Skill checks involving navigation.

Backpack, masterwork: A well crafted backpack that allows the user to carry an extra 20 lbs. without affecting encumbrance.

Caltrops: When dispersed on a surface, caltrops do 1d4 damage to anything that moves over them. Caltrops have a DC20 to be seen with an Awareness check.

Candle: A lit candle lights 10 ft. x 10 ft. space.

Cloak, leather: Leather cloaks are often used where acid rain falls. These cloaks prevent the damaging rain from harming the wearer. 

Creature Compendium: A book written by monster hunters Etahn and Delgon. Owners of the book gain +2 to Knowledge checks about creatures and monsters.

Crowbar: A crowbar gives an adventurer a +2 bonus to Str checks when prying open objects.

Fishing kit: When near water, a fishing kit gives a +1 bonus to Survival checks when gathering food. 

Grappling hook: A grappling hook is attached to the end of a rope and used for climbing. A ranged attack vs. AC or DC is often used to determine the outcome of grappling hook use.

Ladder: A ladder gives a +10 Expertise bonus to climbing.

Lamp: A metal and glass lamp, filled with oil, illuminates a 30 ft x 30 ft area. Lamps are fragile and are meant to be stationery in a room. For travel, a lantern is recommended.

Lantern: A metal light source which uses oil as its fuel. It is easily carried and illuminates a 30 ft. x 30 ft. area.

Lantern, bullseye: A lantern with internal steel mirrors which focus the light into a beam. A bullseye lantern lights a 50 ft. cone from the bearer.

Lantern, hooded: A lantern with metal sliding plates that allow the light to be hidden at will.

Lock: A device used to fasten a door, lid, etc. closed.

Lock QualityDisable DC (Thievery)Str Break DC
Very simple1412

Magnifying glass: A magnifying glass gives a +1 bonus to Awareness checks while searching any area for small details.

Manacles: Iron or steel cuffs for fastening hands or feet. Manacles require a lock.

Map: A map gives a +1 Expertise bonus to any Skill checks involving geography, landmarks, or navigating the area in which the map illustrates.

Piton: A metal spike to aid in climbing. A piton allows the player to climb without risk of damage from falling. On average, one piton must be used every 10 ft.

Rations, trail: Enough food for one person for one day. Often includes hardtack bread, jerked meat, and dried fruits or vegetables.

Rope: A rope gives a +4 Expertise bonus to climbing as long as it is securely attached.

Spyglass: A spyglass gives a +1 Expertise bonus to any Skill check used to spot or search the distance.

Tent: A tent gives shelter to those who reside in it.

Tent, Leather: A leather tent is heavier but resists damage from the strange weather of Atheles.

Torch: A torch burns for 1 hour and illuminates a 20’ radius.

Goods or ServicesCostWeightGoods or ServicesCostWeight
Inn Food and DrinkInn Food and Drink
Ale; gallon2 sp8 lbGood5 spN/A
Ale; pint4 cp1 lbCommon3 spN/A
Bread, per loaf2 cp½ lbPoor1 spN/A
Cheese, hunk of1 sp½ lbMeat, chunk of3 sp½ lb
Inn stay (per day)Wine
Good2 gpN/ACommon (pitcher)2 sp6 lbs
Common4 spN/AFine (bottle)10 gp1½ lb
Poor1 spN/AMead (bottle)1 gp1 lb
Pipe leafLiquor
Varga Leaf (Pipe)1 gp1 lbLiquor, shot2 sp1 oz.
Tabac Leaf5 sp1 lbLiquor (bottle) 3 gp3 lbs
Liquor (cask)25 gp75 lbs

Tools, Traps, and Kits

Tools, and Kits
Climber’s kit80 gp5 lbs
Climber’s kit (masterwork)320 gp5 lbs
Healer’s kit50 gp1 lb
Healer’s kit (masterwork)100 gp1 lb
Musical instrument5 gpVaries 1-8 lb
Musical instrument (masterwork)100 gpVaries 1-8 lb
Thieves’ tools30 gp1 lb
Thieves’ tools (masterwork)100 gp2 lbs
Tinker’s kit100 gp3 lbs

Climber’s kit: A climber’s kit gives a +2 bonus to all Athletics checks involving climbing or rappelling. A masterwork kit gives +4.

Healer’s kit: A healer’s kit is a leather pouch containing bandages, splints, and other tools. As a Standard Action, you can expend 1 use of the kit to stabilize a being with 0 Hit Points or less. This gives a disabled character a +10 bonus to their next Stabilizing roll. If the roll is successful, it allows the healed character to immediately become mobile, as stated in the Disabled and Stabilizing rules.

A masterwork kit has 10 uses and gives a +20 bonus to their Stablizating roll.

Musical instrument: A musical instrument is a near-must for a bard, but can be purchased by any adventurer looking to entertain themselves and their companions. They give no bonuses unless the SG deems otherwise.

Thieves’ tools” Thieves’ tools allow a character with the right Skills to Disable Traps and Pick Locks. 

Masterwork thieves’ tools provide a +1 bonus to Disable Traps and Pick Locks.

Tinker’s kit: Allows a person to create and set traps.


The numbers below can apply to any of the wide variety of traps that are possible.

Basic Trap Stats

CRAverage DamageBase AttackBase Skill DC (Awareness, Thievery)Base Cost
CR11d6+101625 gp
CR22d6+122050 gp
CR33d6+1422100 gp
CR44d6+1624200 gp



Type of weapons: P for piercing, S for slashing, B for bludgeoning, and 2H for two-handed.

WeaponDamageWeightCostTypeRange or Reach
Light Weapons
Dagger1d41 lb2 gpP20’ range
Stiletto1d41 lb4 gpP
Whip1d42 lbs2 gpS10’ reach
Medium Weapons
Blackjack2d6*2 lbs1 gpB*non-lethal only
Club1d64 lbs5 spB
Handaxe1d63 lbs6 gpS
Mace1d65 lbs9 gpB
Quarterstaff1d64 lbsB / 2H
Rapier1d62 lbs20 gpP
Scimitar1d64 lbs15 gpS
Short spear1d63 lbs1 gpP40’ range
Short sword1d62 lbs10 gpP
Wrist razors1d62 lbs12 gpP / S
Large Weapons
Battleaxe1d86 lbs10 gpS
Longsword1d84 lbs15 gpS
Falchion1d88 lbs20 gpS / 2H
Morningstar1d86 lbs8 gpB / P
Spear1d89 lbs5 gpP / 2H10’ reach
Trident1d84 lbs15 gpP10’ reach
Warhammer1d85 lbs12 gpB
Extra Large Weapons
Greataxe2d612 lbs20 gpS / 2H
Great sword2d68 lbs25 gpS / 2H
Halberd2d612 lbs10 gpP / S / 2H10’ reach
Sword staff2d67 lbs20 gpS / 2H10’ reach
Ranged Weapons
WeaponDamageWeightCostTypeRange / Max Range (-2)
Bolas1d32 lbs5 gpB30’ / 50’
Sling1d40 lbB50’ / 100’
Crossbow, hand1d62 lbs100 gpP30’ / 120’
Crossbow1d88 lbs45 gpP / 2H100’ / 300’
Shortbow1d62 lbs30 gpP / 2H65’ / 300’
Longbow1d83 lbs75 gpP / 2H110’ / 400’
Composite bowAdd Str bonusAdd 100 gp+20’ range
Arrows or bolts (20)2 lbs1 gpP
Bullets, sling (10)3 lbs1 spB
Silver arrow or bolt (10)3 lbs5 gpP
Cold iron arrows or bolts (10)5 lbs2 gpP
Barbed cold iron arrows or bolts (10)6 lbs7 gpP+1d4 to remove
Aradan steel arrows or bolts (10)1 lb10 gpP
Amarnium arrows or bolts (10)1/2 lb20 gpP
Tritium arrows or bolts (10)2 lbs60 gpP
Alchemist fire arrow or bolt1/2 lb10 gpP+1d6 + fire
Acid arrow or bolt1/2 lb6 gpP+1d4 acid (2 rounds)
Blackrock arrow or bolt1/2 lb10 gpP+1d8 (unstable see Blackrock)
Healing salve arrow or bolt1/2 lb30 gpPHeals target 1d4+2
Oil arrow or bolt1/2 lb1 gpPMakes Object Flammable
Snare arrow or bolt1/2 lb10 gpPSlows target by 1/2
Exotic Weapons
Bastard sword1d106 lbs35 gpS
Dworven waraxe1d1212 lbs50 gpS / 2H
Iron chain whip1d63 lbs15 gpS10 ft reach
Net— — 15 gp


ArmorCostAC bonusMax Dex BonusSpeedWeight
Light Armor
Padded5 gp1810 lbs
Leather10 gp2615 lbs
Studded leather25 gp3520 lbs
Chain shirt100 gp4425 lbs
Medium Armor
Hide15 gp3425 lbs
Scale mail50 gp4330 lbs
Chainmail150 gp5240 lbs
Breastplate200 gp5330 lbs
Heavy Armor
Splint mail200 gp60-5 ft45 lbs
Banded mail250 gp61-5 ft35 lbs
Half-plate600 gp70-5 ft50 lbs
Full plate1,500 gp80-10 ft50 lbs
Buckler1 gp12 lbs
Shield, light wooden3 gp15 lbs
Shield, light steel9 gp16 lbs
Shield, heavy wooden7 gp210 lbs
Shield, heavy steel20 gp215 lbs
Shield, tower45 gp2*245 lbs


A shield is a defensive item that is carried in one hand. They may be made from different materials that provide different practical benefits, e.g. steel can not catch fire and wood does not rust.

Buckler: A small shield strapped to the arm to provide some extra armor without impeding the use of that arm. You may still fire two-handed ranged weapons, swing two handed swords, and fight with dual weapons. 

Mid-size shield: These give you +1 or +2 AC bonuses. 

Tower shield: A very large shield that gives an additional bonus if you spend a Standard Action to set it. Once a tower shield is set, it gives the defender a +2 concealment bonus.

Siege Weapons*

WeaponRangeDamageSpace / TonnageHPCan be turret mountedRate of Fireper full roundQuick Reload DC# PersonnelMin/MaxPrice
Light ballista240’2d610×5 / 1/4151/2131/2400 gp
Medium ballista160’3d610×10 / 2201/3272/3600 gp
Heavy ballista80’4d615×15 / 335X1/4574/5800 gp
Light catapult100’-200’3d610×5 / 1201/5131/2500 gp
Medium catapult100’-200’4d610×10 / 2301/6323/4700 gp
Heavy catapult100’-200’5d615×15 / 340X1/8725/51000 gp
TurretSmall15×15/ 11000 gp
TurretMed20×20/ 12000 gp

*Siege weapons bypass DR

Alchemical Substances and Poisons:

Alchemical Substances
Acid10 gp1 lb
Alchemist’s Fire20 gp1 lb
Antitoxin50 gp— 
Black Rock40 gp1 oz
Healing Salve30 gp1 lbHeals target 1d4+2
Smokestick25 gp1/2 lb
Totem Bag (1 use)45 gp1.2 lb
Universal Solvent25 gp— 

Acid: Corrosive acid deals 1d6 damage per round of exposure. In the case of total immersion (such as being pushed into a vat of acid) deals 10d6 points of damage per round. You can throw a flask of acid as a splash weapon. Treat this as a ranged touch attack. A direct hit deals full 1d6 damage for 1d6 rounds, and every creature within 5 ft. of the point where the acid hits take 1 point of acid damage from the splash for 1 round. Range: 10 ft.

Alchemist’s Fire: You can throw a flask of alchemist’s fire as a splash weapon. Treat this as a ranged Touch Attack. A direct hit deals full 1d6 damage for 1d6 rounds, and every creature within 5 ft. of the point where the flask hits take 1 point of fire damage from the splash for 1 round. Range: 10 ft.

If desired, the target can use a full-round action to attempt to extinguish the flames before taking additional damage. A DC 12 Reflex save extinguishes the flames. Rolling on the ground provides a +2 bonus on the save. Submerging in water or magically extinguishing the flames prevents further damage.

Antitoxin: Drink to gain a +5 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saving throws against poison for 1 hour.

Black Rock: Highly volatile. Black rock deals 1d8 damage per ounce. Anytime a skill check or attack roll is used in conjunction with black rock or a device that uses black rock, rolling a natural 1 means the black rock explodes, damaging the user.

Healing Salve: When healing salve is applied over a wound, it greatly accelerates the healing process. Heal 1d4+2. Takes one Standard Action to apply.

Smokestick: his alchemically treated wooden stick can instantly create thick, opaque smoke when ignited. The smoke fills a 10 ft. cube. Treat the effect as a Fog Cloud spell, except that a moderate or stronger wind dissipates the smoke in 1 round. The stick is consumed after 1 round, and the smoke dissipates naturally over 3 minutes.

Totem Bag: Contains herbs and ingredients that grant +2 to saves versus magic when imbibed. Lasts 3 minutes.

Universal Solvent: This substance has the unique property of being able to dissolve most glues. Universal solvent can be used to free 1 person from anything sticky, including giant spider webs or spells.

Basic poisons

PoisonTypeFort DCOnsetEffectCurePrice
KonkIngested, inhaled, injury12InstantFall asleep for 2 minutes1 save40 gp
BloodboilIngested, inhaled, injury12Instant1d6 damage1 save40 gp
Wooley eyeIngested, inhaled, injury12InstantDazed for 3 rounds1 save40 gp

Harvested poisons

PoisonTypeFort DCOnsetEffectCurePrice
Death’s eye spider venomInjury12Instant1 Str 1 save40 gp
DuskmossInhaled13InstantUnconscious 1 hour1 save120 gp
Ettercap venomInjury15Instant2d3 Dex1 save750 gp
FeyrootInjury11Instant1 Con1 save40 gp
Giant centipede venomInjury13Instant1 Dex 1 save80 gp
Grelm salivaInjury14Instant1 Con1 save490 gp
Neela leaf extractContact16Instant1 Con1 save300 gp
Sleepstill weedInjury or Ingested14InstantSleep 10 minutes1 save200 gp
Snake venomInjury11Instant1d3 Con1 save130 gp
Tentacle crawler venomInjury16Instant1 Str1 save500 gp
Wyvere vemonInjury17Instant2d3 Con1 save3,000 gp


When a character takes damage from an attack with a poisoned weapon, touches an item smeared with contact poison, consumes poisoned food or drink, or is otherwise poisoned, they must make a Fortitude saving throw. If they fail, they take the poison’s initial damage (usually ability damage). Even if they succeed, they typically face more damage 1 minute later, which can also be avoided with a successful Fortitude saving throw.

One dose of poison smeared on a weapon or some other object affects just a single target. A poisoned weapon or object retains its poison until the weapon scores a hit or the object is touched (unless the poison is wiped off). Any poison smeared on an object or exposed to the elements in any way remains potent until it is touched or used.

Poisons can be divided into four basic types according to the method by which their effect is delivered, as follows.

Merely touching this type of poison necessitates a saving throw. It can be actively delivered via a weapon or a touch attack. Even if a creature has sufficient damage reduction to avoid taking any damage from the attack, the poison can still affect it. A chest or other object can be smeared with contact poison as part of a trap.

Ingested poisons are virtually impossible to utilize in a combat situation. A poisoner could administer a potion to an unconscious creature or attempt to dupe someone into drinking or eating something poisoned. Assassins and other characters tend to use ingested poisons outside of combat.

Inhaled poisons are usually contained in fragile vials or eggshells. They can be thrown as a ranged attack with a range increment of 10 feet. When it strikes a hard surface (or is struck hard), the container releases its poison. One dose spreads to fill the volume of a 10-foot cube. Each creature within the area must make a saving throw. Holding one’s breath is ineffective against inhaled poisons; they affect the nasal membranes, tear ducts, and other parts of the body.

This poison must be delivered through a wound. If a creature has sufficient damage reduction to avoid taking any damage from the attack, the poison does not affect it. Traps that cause damage from weapons, needles, and the like sometimes contain injury poisons.

Poison Characteristics

The poison’s method of delivery (contact, ingested, inhaled, or via an injury) and the Fortitude save DC to avoid the poison’s damage.

The effect the character takes immediately upon failing the saving throw against this poison. Damage is done to the Ability Modifier. Ability damage is temporary unless marked with an asterisk (*), in which case the loss is a permanent drain.

The cost of one dose (one vial) of the poison. It is not possible to use or apply poison in any quantity smaller than one dose. The purchase and possession of poison is always illegal, and even in big cities it can be obtained only from specialized, less than reputable sources.

Poison Immunities
Creatures with natural poison attacks are immune to their own poison. Nonliving creatures (constructs and undead) and creatures without metabolisms (such as elementals) are always immune to poison. Oozes, plants, and certain kinds of outsiders are also immune to poison, although conceivably special poisons could be concocted specifically to harm them.

Mounts, Pets, and Vehicles

NameSpeedStrHPACCombatCan Enter Dungeons*Cost
Ank20 ft+43715Bite +6 melee (1d8+4) Yes300 gp
Dog, guard40 ft+1615+3 (1d4+1)Yes25 gp
Donkey30 ft+01113+1 (1d2)Yes8 gp
Horse, heavy50 ft+31913(2)+4 (1d6+3)No200 gp
Horse, light60 ft+21514(2)+2 (1d6+2)No75 gp
Orillot30 ft+108522Gore +16 (2d6+10) or slam +16 (2d8+10)No1,000 gp
Pony40 ft+11313+2 (1d4)No30 gp
Sarap60 ft+938192 talons +11 (2d6+9) and bite +6 (1d8+9)No600 gp
Thundrom50 ft+51916Bite +5 (1d6 + 5) and slam +0 (1d8 + 2)No350 gp
Warhorse, heavy40 ft+430132 hooves +4 (1d6+4)No400 gp
Warhorse, light50 ft+324142 hooves +3 (1d6+3)No150 gp

*This describes the general inclinations of the creature, but it is up to the SG and party to decide based on the circumstances.

Saddle 15 gp
Animal armor/bardingSame as character armor
Cart15 gp
Wagon, covered25 gp
Wagon, elaborate35 gp
Wagon ,caravan400 gp
Wagon, giant caravan1,000 gp
Rowboat50 gp
Cog3,000 gp
Longship10,000 gp
Galleon30,000 gp
Warship65,000 gp


Gems, minerals, and other (listed by value)

Agate1 gp
Quartz1 gp
Azurite10 gp
Hematite10 gp
Lapis lazuli10 gp
Obsidian10 gp
Tiger eye turquoise10 gp
Freshwater pearl10 gp
Bloodstone50 gp
Carnelian50 gp
Citrine50 gp
Jasper50 gp
Moonstone50 gp
Onyx50 gp
Zircon50 gp
Amber100 gp
Amethyst100 gp
Garnet100 gp
Jade100 gp
Spinel100 gp
Tourmaline100 gp
Alexandrite500 gp
Aquamarine500 gp
Black pearl500 gp
Golden topaz500 gp
Emerald1,000 gp
Fire opal1,000 gp
Sapphire1,000 gp
Star ruby1,000 gp
Diamond3,000 gp
Jacinth5,000 gp

Art Objects (Examples)

Iron statue of Trund50 gp10 lbs
Elven pottery60 gp5 lbs
Ornate mirror100 gp10 lbs
Silver chalice with lapis lazuli200 gp2 lbs
Eldar pottery220 gp5 lbs
Fine black mask with gems250 gp1 lbs
Large tapestry of the eldar300 gp20 lbs
Silver comb with moonstones400 gp1 lbs
Solid gold idol of Tanthias500 gp10 lbs
Silver gold and jade relief of Arias550 gp12 lbs
Cloak clasp with gems650 gp1 lbs
Ceremonial dagger with gold inlays 700 gp2 lbs
Bejeweled mantle850 gp5 lbs
Gold dragon comb with red garnet1,050 gp1 lbs
Ancient painting1,500 gp5 lbs
Fire opal pendant2,000 gp1 lbs
Star ruby and pearl necklace2,600 gp1 lbs
Bejeweled gloves2,800 gp2 lbs
Golden jeweled crown3,000 gp2 lbs
Amarnium diamond bracer4,000 gp3 lbs
Bejeweled jade statue, life sized6,000 gp500 lbs
Gold and gem inlaid throne10,000 gp1200 lbs

Selling Items

Items commonly sell for 1/2 their listed price.

Masterwork Items

Masterwork items are created with superior materials and craftsmanship. The cost for a masterwork item is 4x the listed cost. 

Masterwork tools grant a +1 bonus to any roll using the item. 

A masterwork weapon triple the standard hardness. 

Masterwork armor adds +1 to the armor’s max Dex bonus.

Items crafted with special materials like tritium, amarnium, darkwood, and elfwood may only be masterwork items.


Precious metals

Gold and silver are the standard currency in most states and kingdoms of Atheles, but there are some other metals of note.

Iron, steel, and cold iron

Iron and steel are common in Atheles and are used to ward against magic. Steel causes damage to magic users and magic creatures (details below). Cold Iron is forged specifically to ward against magic and fey creatures.

Magic and metal:

If casting magic, iron or steel causes these effects:

Iron: On skin, 1d4 damage per mana. In skin, 1d8 damage per mana. On body but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc.), slight irritation.

Steel: On skin, 1d3 damage per mana. In skin, 1d6 damage per mana. On body but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc.), no effect.

Species Allergies:

Elves and Feral Elflings:

Steel: On skin, 1d2 damage per hour. In skin, 1d4 per hour. On body, but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc.), no effect.

Cold iron: On skin, 1d3 damage per hour. In skin, 1d6 per hour. On body, but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc.), discomfort.

Elfling and Faun:

Steel: No effect, but some discomfort if handled with bare skin.

Cold iron: On skin, 1d2 damage per hour. In skin, 1d4 per hour. On body, but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc), no effect. 

Cold Iron

Cold iron is a raw, unworked metal and is much more difficult to craft into weapons than steel. Steel can trap or harm magical creatures and fey, but cold iron can be forged into weapons and armor specifically to fight magic. Cold iron weapons must be crafted by skilled smiths and forged with the intent to harm creatures of magic. Cold iron armor will protect against the spells of mages, while cold iron shackles can stop even a powerful wizard from using magic.

If casting magic, cold iron causes these effects:

Cold Iron: On skin, caster takes 1d6+3 damage per mana. In skin, 2d6+6 per mana. On body, but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc), 1d4 per mana.

Bonuses: Medium or heavy armor made from cold iron provides +2 to AC vs ranged magic attacks. Cold iron weapons bypass damage reduction on certain creatures (like Navirites and other fey). Cold iron ammunition causes 2d6+6 extra damage per spell mana to a spellcasting mage.

Price for cold iron items

Type of Cold Iron ItemItem Cost Modifier

Aradan Steel

The means to make this metal were lost long ago, with the fall of the Aradani Kingdom. But rare weapons and artifacts survive from those times. Many items of Aradan steel were made to battle the forces of the Warlock King, and to this day hold power against forces of evil.

Aradan steel is recognizable with its dull blue-gray color, and some swear it glows in the presence of true evil. Aradan Steel is also effective against creatures summoned from the Navirim.

* Unlike regular steel, a spellcaster may touch or carry Aradan steel during magic use without taking damage. Normal armor restrictions do apply.

** Aradan steel artifacts are rare, and since the means to create it have been lost, no new items of Aradan steel may be crafted.

Bonuses: Aradan steel items weigh half that of their steel counterparts. Does not affect spellcasting. Weapons and ammunition do +1d4 additional damage to all Navirites. +2d4 additional damage to reavers, ghuls, and other creatures created during the Aradan War. Aradan steel armor makes you immune to possession.

All Aradan steel items are considered masterwork.

Type of Aradan steel itemItem worth modifier
Ammunition+10 gp
Light armor+500 gp
Medium armor+2,000 gp
Heavy armor+4,500 gp
Shield+500 gp
Other items+250 gp/lb


This is a very rare metal created from a silver-like ore. It is light but strong, and after being forged, is nearly impossible to destroy. It takes a master smith to make even the most basic items with this metal, and very few can forge it into weapons and armor. Elves and dworves, having learned smithing long ago from the gods, are more adept with this metal. It is a satin silver color, but can be polished to a super high gloss.

Amarnium does not affect any races with metal allergies.

Bonuses: Amarnium items weigh half that of their steel counterparts. Amarnium does not affect spellcasting or Fey. A spellcaster may touch or carry amarnium without taking damage during magic use.

All amarnium items are considered masterwork.

Type of amarnium itemItem cost modifier
Ammunition+20 gp
Light armor+1,000 gp
Medium armor+4,000 gp
Heavy armor+9,000 gp
Shield+1,000 gp
Other items+500 gp/lb


This is a strong metal which has come into more common use in the Fourth Age. It is moderately rare and expensive, but is not as rare as amarnium. It takes a master blacksmith to work with this metal. Its color is a lustrous silver, and it resists corrosion and damage. It does not interfere with magic in the same way as steel.

Bonuses: Tritium armor negates critical hits. Tritium shields are unbreakable. Tritium weapons and ammunition cause critical hits, as normal, to wearers of tritium armor. If a mage wears tritium armor and casts a spell, they only take 1 damage per mana. All tritium items are considered masterwork.

Type of tritium itemItem cost modifier
Ammunition+60 gp
Light armor+5,000 gp
Medium armor+10,000 gp
Heavy armor+15,000 gp
Weapon+3,000 gp
Shield+2,000 gp


Metal weapons can be infused with silver by master smiths. This allows the weapon to strike supernatural creatures and ignore specific damage reduction.

Cost: add 100 gp to the cost of a silvered weapon.

Special Materials


Elfwood is a special wood material crafted by the elves which is as strong as steel but does not hurt those of Fey blood or interfere with magic. 

Elves make weapons, tools, and armors out of elfwood. It is a great material for bladed and piercing weapons, but is less ideal for bludgeoning weapons.

Elfwood cannot be fashioned into chainmail. Scalemail, banded, and breastplate, and plate armor can be made of elfwood. 

All elfwood items count as masterwork.

Bonuses: Stats are identical to masterwork steel. Weighs half of steel. +1 to max Dex bonus. 

Negatives: Flammable.

Cost: Elfwood is common to elves, but most elves will not offer it to outsiders. Due to this, Elfwood items sell for 8x outside of elven communities. Elves in good standing with their community can get elfwood for 2x the cost of standard metal items.

Legacy Items

Certain items gain power as the adventurer gains levels. These items are part of the adventurer’s story. A Legacy item may be the famed sword the hero is never seen without; the rogue’s lucky lockpicks; the rope their mother gave them that reminds them of home.

Each player should work with their SG to choose a Legacy item for their character at level 1 as a part of their backstory, which will grow in strength as they grow in skill. If a player does not choose a Legacy item at level 1, they can choose any time along their journey that they see fit.

More about Legacy items can be found in the Gaining Levels chapter.

Magic Items

Magic is rare in Atheles. Magical items are even rarer. Legacy items, growing in power, as they do, fill the role magic items might fill in other games. Players should not, therefore, discover magical weapons and relics in a chest at the bottom of every dungeon.

If magical items are found, they should have limitations, drawbacks, curses, or only a few charges.