Elven Moonbase – StarBorn Spelljammer Map

Dive into the celestial realms with our Starborn / Spelljammer map, the Elven Moonbase, a breathtaking virtual tabletop experience! This meticulously crafted map transports your players to an otherworldly Elven Moonbase, ready for adventure. Compatible with Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, this map comes in high-resolution JPG format, ensuring stunning visuals for your online tabletop sessions. … Read more

SagaBorn 1.5 Errata

Hello all! Well, I am so sorry to say that we have found a few mistakes in the SagaBorn 1.5 Core rulebook. The PDF books have already been fixed, but we have the same issues with the books that have already been printed. If you got a printed book from the Kickstarter or from a … Read more

Role in the Group

When playing games, I often find myself struggling to find where I fit in a new group. Or even afraid that I may be stepping on others’ toes with my choices. So I came up with a simple way for the whole group to visualize and discuss their roles. Your role in the group helps … Read more