Hilltop Radio Station Cyberpunk Map

Welcome to K-Rox 103.3, the heart of your Nashvegas night life! About the map In the sprawling dystopian expanse of Nashvegas, where the neon glow of corporate monoliths clashes with the dimly lit alleyways of rebellion, a beacon of distorted melodies pierces the static-laden airwaves. K-Rox 103.3, the radio station that dances on the razor’s … Read more

The Saga Zine, Issue 13, February 2024

Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. This issue! Interview with Stu Horvath – I chat with one of my favorite tabletop podcasters about Life, Universe, and Holes in the Ground.  Appendix i: The Wheel of Time – We discuss how we found this wonderful series and … Read more

The Sands of Dune

It’s time for that discussion of imagination again, the Appendix i of our creativity, where Dane and Mike discuss the things that made them the creatives they are. Dune has influenced so many of our sci-fi and fantasy worlds since its publication. I know my world has definitely seen some influences from it, especially in … Read more

Notes on Craven’s Hollow

An in-character guide to the settlement of Craven’s Hollow. A Player’s Guide to Craven’s Hollow. While we have an online version over at DarkReturn.com, this PDF is designed as an illustrated in-world journal. This is to be provided to the players after the Craven’s Hollow Starter Adventure and before the Craven’s Hollow First Adventure – … Read more

SagaBorn Starter Kit

Welcome to Sagaborn 1.5, an indie d20 system built with an old school vibe, in-depth roleplaying, and streamlined tactical combat. This Starter Kit comes with everything you need to jump into the world of SagaBorn. The starter kit contains the following: Information about the Game and the World Get a brief overview of what makes … Read more

Creature Compendium on Fantasy Grounds

Merry Midwinter! (its between Darkwinter and Candlenight) The Creature Compendium went live on Fantasy Grounds today! It includes all the creatures and art from the new updated CC1.5 . Play Sagaborn with an automated system in Fantasy Grounds. Description A Fantasy Grounds module for SagaBorn by the creator Michael Bielaczyc. The Creature Compendium, A Guide … Read more