Luk Dam – The Flooding of the Valley

An adventure for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old-school RPGs.

A SagaBorn RPG compatible Adventure

This is a short (2-3 hour) one-shot adventure. Its encounters have options for both combat or social solutions, and the main setting is a short dungeon crawl.

StoryGuide Information

Things have not been comfortable in the northern lands around Kowal lately. Orlocks have been invading the farmlands in the northwest. They have been spotted in large scavenging parties roaming the hills and plains of the wilds.  A group of adventurers sent by the Duke discovered that many of the orlocks originate in the Svarin Valley, located under the Luk Dam. The valley is littered with caves, and the orlocks must have started a hive or three there. 

Duke Zadeki, the ruler of Kowal, has hired you to protect the city. The Luk Dam, which holds back a tributary of the Weron River, arches over the Svarin Valley. Built long ago by dworvs, the dam lessened the flow of the river, opening up more land for farming. The Duke’s plan is to open the old valves and flood the valley, driving out or eliminating the orlocks.

The Setting

Atheles is a harsh world, especially the Eastlands. Acid rain and electric storms pock the landscape. Disease and sickness curse its inhabitants. Magic destroyed the world in the Great War and disappeared soon after. But now magic has started to make its presence felt again, along with creatures, people, and monsters touched by magic.

Who should play?

This is a SagaBorn Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for 4-6 characters of 4th level.

What do I need to play?

This adventure, some friends, the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (free PDF and SRD at, some refreshments, and you are ready to go. Some dice may help, too.

What campaign setting is appropriate?

Though intended to be set in the Dark Return setting, this adventure can easily be adapted to fit in any fantasy RPG setting, though will fit most readily in a “low fantasy” setting or remote region of a world, where the inhabitants have not had much exposure to magic or non-human NPCs. An experienced Gamemaster (called a StoryGuide in SagaBorn) should have no difficulty converting the module for play in another campaign world or alternate TTRPG system.