• Designer: Michael Bielaczyc
  • Type of Game: Social Party Game

A conspiracy-based storytelling game.
The game is basic, but the stories are fun. There are a group of campers out at a cabin, but some of the campers are not what they seem. Depending on the amount of campers, a certain amount of them are aliens. The Aliens will abduct one camper per night, while during the day, the campers try to figure out who the aliens are. The campers have one advantage besides numbers, they have someone who survived an alien abduction in their youth. This survivor will not be fooled again. During the night when the aliens are abducting people, the survivor is sneaking about watching what the others are doing.

Game Requirements

8-12 players
A sense of humor
UFOz Are Real cards
The Starter Deck comes with 12 cards – 2 Aliens, 1 Survivor, and 9 Campers.

The Game
Print Edition
Self Printable cards