Dark Return

  •   Type of Game: Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Game Description

The Dark Return is a gothic fantasy setting. The terrible magics that ravaged the world centuries ago have disappeared, only to be replaced by famine, pestilence, and a humankind living in fear and isolated communities.

Now, magic is returning, as are the magical creatures that such a power allows. The world is besieged by strange and terrifying creatures and beings from a place between worlds—that place our dreams and nightmares take us.

Dark Return Game Books

The Crossing

THE CROSSING is a new, Dark Return setting adventure for 4-6 characters of 3rd to 4th level. Continue your characters’ Return of the Fey adventure path with over one hundred pages of encounters, locales and terrifying monsters. Written by Shonn Everett and produced by the same team who have brought you so many great rulebooks, companion books and adventures […]

The Dead Gulch

The Dead Gulch

Welcome to the Dark Return. Plagues have ravaged the lands for generations. While the city of Ferryport has been spared the worst, it has still seen its share of death and pestilence. During the worst outbreaks, corpses lined the streets and the people had to find a place to dispose of the bodies. North of […]

The Goblins of Kaelnor Forest Cover

The Goblins of Kaelnor Forest

Welcome to the World of Uteria. In ages past, Uteria was a world filled with wonder, mythical creatures, and abundant magic. But in ancient times, all that changed. A terrible war spanned the lands—a war fought not only with the blood and souls of countless mortals, but with mystic machines of war, great mythical beasts, […]

The Tomb of Kochun Cover

The Tomb of Kochun

About the Module: This is a level 6-7 adventure set in the World of Uteria. The players have to bargain to gain entry to the Town of Aerville and fetch a couple of artifacts from a nearby catacomb in order to appease the mayor. The tomb is that of Kochun, a once powerful warlord, who […]

The Elves of Uteria Cover

The Elves of Uteria

Welcome to the World of Uteria. The world of Uteria has lived in darkness for years beyond count. It has been ravaged by plagues for hundreds of years. An ancient war ravaged the land with dark magics. For centuries, the humans have trudged along, afraid of the myths and legends left over from the past. […]

Dark Return Fiction

Crossroads of the Never Cover

Crossroads of the Never: Book 1
by Dane Clark Collins

This is the first book of Crossroads of the Never, a saga spanning thousands of years, shedding light on the dark and disturbing mysteries of the world of Uteria—a world besieged by the passing of a dark age, the continuing echoes of its violent history, and the recent incursion of creatures long since forgotten. For […]

Rosaga and the Man with Two Faces

Rosaga and the Man with Two Faces
by Dane Clark Collins

A terrifying horror fantasy story from Dane Clark Collins, author of Crossroads of the Never. Long after disappearing on a quest to chase his hallucinatory visions, Dreisin has resurfaced with a story stretching twelve hundred years into the past: a chilling tale of dark magic, cursed love, and a fate far worse than death. This […]