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Specializing in narrative-based and social games. This is the home of SagaBorn RPG, The Dark Return, UFOz Are Real, and the infamous Wizard Staff Game!

SagaBorn Fiction

SagaBorn’s fiction authors specialize in highly immersive speculative fiction set in the detailed worlds created by their team.

Strongholds – A guide to bringing a home to your tabletop.
SagaBorn Limited Edition
Sagaborn Roleplaying Game – An Old School, story driven RPG.
Haunting of Eliuska Manor – A haunted house adventure in the vain of Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods.

Latest Posts

  • Desert Highway – Cyberpunk Map
    About the map This is a large 45 x 25 map of a desert highway. Modeled after the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it’s perfect for those runs into the wastelands.
  • Appendix i – Hellraiser
    The Musings of Two Hellbound Hearts Mike – Hey Danny. Thanks for joining me on this first Appendix i, which is a look into the inspiration behind our creative works. We could have started anywhere, but we start with Clive Barker and Hellraiser. I mean it’s Halloween season right?  So I know that Hellraiser was … Read more
  • History in Your RPG
    Not everyone is Tolkien, but every tabletop setting is benefitted by an in depth history. But creating one can be a daunting task. The first thing to do is get past the fear of starting. Just pick a point. It can always be changed, edited, and tweaked later. In fact, I guarantee you will do … Read more