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Specializing in narrative-based and social games. This is the home of SagaBorn RPG, The Dark Return, UFOz Are Real, and the infamous Wizard Staff Game!

SagaBorn Fiction

SagaBorn’s fiction authors specialize in highly immersive speculative fiction set in the detailed worlds created by their team.

Strongholds – A guide to bringing a home to your tabletop.
SagaBorn Roleplaying Game – v. 1.5 A revised old-school RPG system.
The Saga, an RPG and fandom Zine.

Latest Posts

  • SagaBorn 1.5 Errata
    Hello all! Well, I am so sorry to say that we have found a few mistakes in the SagaBorn 1.5 Core rulebook. The PDF books have already been fixed, but we have the same issues with the books that have already been printed. If you got a printed book from the Kickstarter or from a … Read more
  • The Saga Issue 11, October 2023
    Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. October ’23 Issue October Table of Contents
  • The Cryptid from the River
    About the Adventure The Setting Pacov is a small village along the Weron River, northeast of the large city of Kowal and southeast of the small city of Fort Utliest. It is far enough away to be mostly left alone by officials from both places, leaving its residents to solve most of their own problems. … Read more