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Specializing in narrative-based and social games. This is the home of SagaBorn RPG, The Dark Return, UFOz Are Real, and the infamous Wizard Staff Game!

SagaBorn Fiction

SagaBorn’s fiction authors specialize in highly immersive speculative fiction set in the detailed worlds created by their team.

Strongholds – A guide to bringing a home to your tabletop.
SagaBorn Limited Edition
Sagaborn Roleplaying Game – An Old School, story driven RPG.
Haunting of Eliuska Manor – A haunted house adventure in the vain of Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods.

Latest Posts

  • History in Middle Earth
    When building a fantasy world, one of the most important steps is building a history for that world to exist in. History builds the world in a believable way, so that our stories don’t seem like we just pulled the story elements out of a fantasy magic hat. (Pulls out magic fantasy writing hat and … Read more
  • StarBorn Tactical Ship Combat Rules
    What This Book Is About The goal of the Tactical Ship Combat Rules is to give a fun but tactical set of rules for running fantastical ship battles in space. Since these rules are based in the StarBorn ruleset, the ships default to a 2d plane of gravity when they approach each other. This means … Read more
  • Map: Stormcrest Bay
    About the map 78×57, Spelljammer Map Hello spacers! This week I got the new Spelljammer Box set and I am excited to explore space with some of my players. That means a few maps like this will be landing here on Patreon. If there is demand for them from you all, I may make sure … Read more