Dungeon Clix is a 3d dungeon terrain system made to enhance tabletop maps. These easily configured walls and terrain click together quickly to give any map a 3d look.

SagaBorn has partnered with CeleSTL Miniatures to launch a full line of Dungeon Clix for all your gaming tabletop needs.

What is it?

My games are run on a gaming table I built with a 43″ 4k TV in the center. I use Arkenforge to project my maps to the table, and then my players use 32mm miniatures for gameplay. I love adding 3d elements. Trees, tables, altars, and even some 3D-printed rock hills and cliffs of ten decorate my 2d maps. While I love the feel of 3d terrain like Dragon Lock, in fact, I have 3 full bins of terrain printed out. One of the shortcomings of full 3d printed terrain is that all the dungeons end up looking the same. When I make maps for my games and Patreon, every map has its own flavor. Different floor tiles, lighting, and decorations. And unless I had a whole warehouse to store my 3d terrain, there is no way to have such a wide range of dungeon designs.

So, I came up with the idea of modular walls to augment my 2d dungeons. I had these goals:

  • Easy to put together and take apart.
  • Lower usage of PLA
  • Fit on a 1×1 inch grid
  • Customizable

I devised a pegged mortise and tenon joint that would hold the walls together, but easily pull apart.

The corner allows a base size, and then all walls can lock in and align with the grid. Multiple corner pieces allow for many dungeon configurations, with minimal printing.

This is only the beginning. The Basic Dungeon, which is free, can be downloaded below. From here, we will make some more Dungeon-style walls and doorways. After that, you can expect a wide range of walls, from cyberpunk terrain to crypts.

Try it for Free

3d dungeon terrain DungeonClix

You can try out the system with the Dungeon Starter Kit

This includes:

  • 2″ Wall Section
  • 1″ Wall Section
  • 6 connectors
  • Stand-alone Steel Door

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