Map: The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum

Map – The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum About the map A 48 x 29 map of the Halls of the Dwarves. I based it on the hall that Gandalf and the Fellowship ran through during the Fellowship of the Ring. About the location Khazad-dûm is the oldest and most famous of the Kingdoms of … Read more

The Saga Issue 4, August 2022

A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. Table of Contents Interview with Brian Colin of Vast Grimm History of Middle Earth History In Your World Mini Adventure: Encounter in the Forest New SagaBorn Path: The Factor Into the World: The Dark Return Into the Galaxy – The Zithu Bonus Map: The Bridge … Read more

A Window into the Universe: An Interview with Ethan Siegel

A theoretical astrophysicist by training, Ethan left a promising research career in cosmology and a job as a physics and astronomy professor to focus on science communication full-time. He revels in telling scientifically accurate, beautifully illustrated stories about the Universe with the widest audience possible. He believes this Universe is the one thing we all … Read more

Shen’s Mansion – Map

Shen is a mage living in the upper class section of Kowal. He has long been a refuge for your mages who are just coming into their powers. Since the Catastrophe of the Greystone and the fall of the Red Guard, things have changed in Kowal. Shen also changed, though many don’t know why. He … Read more

Forest Encounter II – Map

Forest Encounter II Map VTT

About the map Another encounter in the forest, but this time its a much larger map – 50×35! As usual there is gridded and gridless, day and night. 200 DPI JPG maps with grid Day and Night Versions Fantasy Grounds Unity and Roll 20 optimized maps. UVTT Animated Map The Urtgen Forest is old. The … Read more


A set of very simple crafting rules for D20 systems. Crafting is used to repair or make new items. Crafting is tied to skills from the Core Game. Each character can know one crafting skill per 3 levels. Alchemy – making potions, poultices, and chemicals. Artificing – creation of magic items. Blacksmithing – creation and repair of arms and … Read more