Map: The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum

Map – The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum About the map A 48 x 29 map of the Halls of the Dwarves. I based it on the hall that Gandalf and the Fellowship ran through during the Fellowship of the Ring. About the location Khazad-dûm is the oldest and most famous of the Kingdoms of … Read more

Shen’s Mansion – Map

Shen is a mage living in the upper class section of Kowal. He has long been a refuge for your mages who are just coming into their powers. Since the Catastrophe of the Greystone and the fall of the Red Guard, things have changed in Kowal. Shen also changed, though many don’t know why. He … Read more

Forest Encounter II – Map

Forest Encounter II Map VTT

About the map Another encounter in the forest, but this time its a much larger map – 50×35! As usual there is gridded and gridless, day and night. 200 DPI JPG maps with grid Day and Night Versions Fantasy Grounds Unity and Roll 20 optimized maps. UVTT Animated Map The Urtgen Forest is old. The … Read more

Map – Bridge of Khazad-dûm

About the map I have been doing a lot of research on Tolkien for an upcoming Saga zine, and got inspired to do a VTT map for Khazad Dum!  Here is the bridge for all your balrog battle needs.  I always wondered why the bridge was so narrow, but then recently found out it was … Read more

Map – Forest Map Encounter I

 A map for for VTT or printing. 16×28 Nothing like an encounter in the forest to start off an adventure, right? Here is a 16×28 forest map for all your woodsy encounter needs. Includes: 200 DPI JPG maps with grid Day and Night Versions Grid and Gridless Fantasy Grounds Unity and Roll 20 optimized maps. … Read more

Caverns Level 2 Map

The second level of the cavern dungeon featuring glowing mushroom grottos and a large underground body of water. A TTRPG map of a cavern system, perfect for your VTT or printing.

Cavern VTT Map

This is table top RPG map is made for the Sagaborn Patreon. The cavern map is a generic map for any game involving caves in their adventure. Get the full map here: Cavern VTT Map  

StarBorn / Spelljammer Map: Vos’Illian

Today we found out that WoTC is releasing Spelljammer for 5E! I loved Spelljammer when it came out and played it for many years. Some of my first in depth adventures were for Spelljammer. And of course that influenced me to release StarBorn, a fantasy in space version of the SagaBorn system. So lets celebrate … Read more

Duke’s Arena RPG Map

Free Bonus Map – City of Kowal: Duke’s Arena Duke Zadeku built an arena as a place for entertaining the citizens, but also as a recruitment for elite soldiers. Separate from the city itself, it is in the northern outskirts near the Uthgard army’s barracks. Full versions (day and night, grid and gridless) available at … Read more

Glittering Caverns Megadungeon

The Glittering Caverns is an expansive dungeon map that winds its way through an ancient dwarven settlement. At the end of the caverns, you find a portal to another realm.