Cyberpunk City Highway VTT Map

Cruise through your futuristic city on a large map of a city interstate.

About the map

This cyberpunk city highway is the heart of the city. Neon lights and holograms of advertisements float over the road, casting a fluorescent glow on the busy street below. The sleek cars driving on the highway move in perfect synchronization, their engines humming in a low and steady rhythm.

Nashville, in the future, is a bustling metropolis. Neon lights sparkle in the darkness as citizens traverse the streets, many of them decked out in the latest cybernetic enhancements. The city is a hotbed of technology and innovation, with corporate towers looming in the distance and advanced robotics carrying out mundane tasks. Despite the advanced technology, music still reigns supreme in Nashville. Local bands still flood the streets with sounds of rock and roll, blues, and country, making the city a vibrant and exciting place to be.

The map is 37×29, ready for your VTT.

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