SagaBorn 1.5

After two years since release, we have had some errata, fixes, and clarifications. We decided it was time to work on an overhaul of the system book.

What are the big changes?

  • There were some math problems that became very evident as people reached higher levels that made characters overpowered (and not in a fun way). We have overhauled the character classes, adding some fun abilities and balancing the math.
  • Spells have been tweaked to fit the Dark Return world better, as well as fixing some issues with the spell system.
  • Abilities, conditions, and other terms have been better defined and outlined.

It is still compatible with the 1.0 Creature Compendium, as well as all adventures.


Download Sagaborn 1.5 Beta (Core Book)

Download the SagaBorn 1.5 Beta (Magic Rules)

Download the SagaBorn 1.5 Character Sheet Fighter/Scout  (Optional Form Version)

Download the Sagaborn 1.5 Character Sheet Mage


Update Log


SagaBorn 1.5

  • Clarified rules on Archeon Magic Sense and ravagers.
  • Fixed all references to Elemental Foci using free actions.
  • Defined what Saves are.
  • Updated Equipment lists.
  • Updated definitions of rest including Long Rests and Short Rests.
  • Updated recommended Encounters/Landmarks per level.
  • Defined Encounter
  • Added Master levels (9-16)
  • Added and defined Disengage
  • Defined Difficult Terrain

Magic PDF

  • Fixed Short Spell Descriptions List
  • Changed wording for Saves.


  • Removed Spell AC, replaced with a bonus to Touch AC vs. Spells. This makes 1.5 backwards compatible with 3.5 creatures.
  • Added to Legacy items: A character does not have to choose a Legacy item at level 1, they can wait and choose a Legacy item when they see fit.
  • Fixed Carry Capacity to reflect the new Ability Scores
  • Renamed Combat Action to Standard Action
  • Added a description for a Surprise round.


  • Updated Class Charts to include +1HD
  • Added Focused Magic Description
  • Added elemental Foci to Luminar Magical Abilities
  • Crippling Strike is now DC 16
  • Point buy is now 19 points instead of 18.
  • Added Point Blank Shot Talent
  • Added language descriptions
  • Added some item descriptions
  • Added descriptions for Climbing and Swimming
  • Added a level bonus to Resting HP recovery
  • Added more Legacy Weapon descriptions
  • Add more Tiered abilities for Legacy Weapons
  • Added more descriptions for Combat Definitions
  • Added Ability Drain Explanation
  • Added the 1.5 Magic and Spells book.


  • Elves, elflings now are affected by Cold Iron, standard iron and steel have been combined.
  • Mage starting spells can be any mana
  • Added a Random Dice Roll method to assign ability scores.
  • Added new Talents
  • Added special materials, metals,  and rules concerning them.
  • Added rules for Saga Points
  • Removed Boons and Banes (Saga Point system is better)



Added the Beta PDF and Character sheet