SagaBorn Starter Kit

Welcome to Sagaborn 1.5, an indie d20 system built with an old school vibe, in-depth roleplaying, and streamlined tactical combat. This Starter Kit comes with everything you need to jump into the world of SagaBorn.

SagaBorn Starter Kit Cover

The starter kit contains the following:

Information about the Game and the World

Get a brief overview of what makes this d20 system work and explore a bit of the world the game exists in.

StoryGuide’s Section

Learn the basics of running your SagaBorn game. Weave a tale that brings the characters into the world while making your players excited.

Craven’s Hollow: The Inheritance

This is an intro adventure to the Sagaborn Roleplaying Game. It is meant to demonstrate how to play games with the new 1.5 system and set up further adventures with our Strongholds, Allies, and Factions rules. The adventure is built loosely, giving you and the players an open sandbox to play in. We give a goal, a secret, and information on the area it takes place. How the players deal with this is up to them. 

Table of Contents

  • What Is SagaBorn?
    • How to play
    • Goals of the game
    • What makes it different (Heroic actions, mana, “old school” feel, strongholds, allies, crafting)
  • The World
    • The Lands
    • Dark Return, In-Between, Navirim
    • SagaBorn
    • Magic
    • The Crisis (Adventure Hooks)
    • Species
  • System Overview
    • Classes and paths
    • Abilities
    • Skills and Saves
    • Talents (only include ones based on pregens)
    • Combat
  • Magic
    • Mana
    • Focusing and Ravaging
  • Legacy Items
  • 6 Pregens
  • Running the game
    • How to Use Heroic Actions, Saga Points
    • Rewards
  • Adventure – Craven’s Hollow The Inheritance

SagaBorn Unique Mechanics:

SagaBorn’s mechanics, rooted in the 3.5 Open Gaming System, offer a fresh twist on old-school gameplay:

  • Legacy Items: Treasured items gain powers to aid adventurers in their sagas.
  • Magic: Magic is rare, and spellcasters use mana—a mystical force drawn from the Universe. When mana is depleted, mages can tap into their life energy or that of others to cast spells.
  • Heroic Actions: Resolve opposed actions and heroic gestures with a Heroic Action Roll—an Ability-based roll versus opponents or the environment.
  • Saga Points: Players receive Saga Points, enabling them to reroll dice or force others to reroll. Every player starts with at least one Saga Point per session and can earn more through gameplay.

What’s Next for SagaBorn:

As SagaBorn continues to evolve, expect new rules for Strongholds, Allies, Horror, and more to become integral parts of the game. The universe of SagaBorn is ever-expanding, and the journey has just begun.

The SagaBorn 1.5 RPG System Starter Kit is now available, inviting you to unleash your imagination and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Grab your friends, the SagaBorn Core Rulebook, and let the stories unfold!

Character Creation Resources

SagaBorn / Dark Return Setting Resources

Watch the Game being run by the creator:

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