StoryGuide’s Screen

The SagaBorn StoryGuide’s Screen is everything a game master needs to reference during a SagaBorn game session. Four 8.5×11 panels with all the core information (and 1 bonus panel with all Conditions) is ready to be printed. These screens can be used with the DTRPG Master Master LANDSCAPE screen.  Also included is a 44″ painting of Castle Atheles … Read more


A set of very simple crafting rules for D20 systems. Crafting is used to repair or make new items. Crafting is tied to skills from the Core Game. Each character can know one crafting skill per 3 levels. *While written for the Sagaborn Roleplaying Game, these rules can be used for most other d20 roleplaying games.


Build your home, become part of your world. Strongholds is a system for helping the players build a home for the SagaBorn Roleplaying System. Wizard’s towers, rogue’s hideouts, and warrior’s fortresses allow the adventurers to make the land their own.  Simple rules to add depth to your tabletop game, Strongholds is a system streamlined enough … Read more

The Pact

A SagaBorn 1.5 Adventure ADVENTURE BACKGROUND A merchant in Kowal, Gregor Eliuska, has been extremely successful lately. Not only in his business dealings, but also within the gambling halls. Gregor has yet to make a bad deal. Some have begun to think it a little supernatural. The party has been hired to investigate, and they … Read more