SagaBorn Character Gallery

The SagaBorn Character Gallery is an easy reference for adding NPC’s to your game. 

This book contains all of the base classes of characters, from level 1 to level 8, complete with all of the skills, talents, and equipment necessary to use them.

Using the Character Gallery is a simple and straightforward process. When a StoryGuide needs to introduce an NPC into their game, they can simply flip through the book to find a character that fits the situation. 

The Character Gallery also includes all of the necessary information for using each character in gameplay, including their stats, skills, talents, and equipment. This means that the StoryGuide doesn’t have to spend time creating a new character from scratch, as all of the necessary information is provided in the book.

Additionally, because each character is pre-leveled, the StoryGuide can choose an appropriate NPC based on the level of their players, ensuring that the NPC will be a suitable challenge for the party without being too overpowering.

With this book, StoryGuides can focus on crafting engaging stories and creative personalities instead of constantly rolling up new NPC stats.