SagaBorn 2023 In Review

SagaBorn Year in Review

This has been a busy year for me. It started out so painful with the WoTC OGL drama, and the early release of SagaBorn 1.5, I was uncertain of the future. Since then, things have calmed down a bit, I mean WoTC hasn’t sent Pinkertons after me yet (but we still have next year)!

I wanted to do a year end round up, and just see all the stuff I have created.

SagaBorn Core Books

SagaBorn Accessory Books

Drink and Dungeon

The Saga Zine



  1. Prison Camp
  2. Weron River
  3. The Silver Keep
  4. Sewer Lair under Radzyn
  5. Old Mines
  6. Caravan Wagon Map
  7. Ruined Town
  8. Swamp Lair
  9. High Elf Outpost
  10. City of Radzyn
  11. Companion’s House Basement
  12. Gray Crypt
  13. Dusty Beard Inn and Tavern
  14. Frozen Depths Jail
  15. Under Lonelyspire Mountain Level 3
  16. Brelmani’s Manor
  17. Otherwordly Caverns
  18. Suppleberi Wine Bar
  19. Broken Chip Gambling Hall
  20. Ancient Temple
  21. The Friend and Foe Inn
  22. Return to the Eldar Temple
  23. Village of Pacov
  24. Circus Camp Map
  25. Haunted Forest
  26. Spooky Shed
  27. Evil Cabin
  28. Ancient Dungeon
  29. Lava Tube
  30. Elven Moonbase
  31. Sewer Battlemap
  32. The River Runs Through


  1. Corpo Executive Offices
  2. Cyberpunk City Highway
  3. Aradani Towers Server Floor
  4. Charlotte and Fourth
  5. The Metal Storm Bar
  6. Cargo Park
  7. Vendor’s Alley
  8. Junkyard
  9. Corpo Black Site Jungle Entrance
  10. Plant Biology Lab
  11. Crime Scene
  12. Cyber Psychosis Cells
  13. Undercity
  14. Nexxt Galaxxy Dance Hall

Fantasy Grounds

Released the SagaBorn Ruleset, the SagaBorn Core Rulebook, and the Creature Compendium.


Got the SagaBorn 1.5 SRD site up and running.

Dungeon Clix

I designed and sculpted a new system for 3D printed map terrain and released the free DungeonClix Basic Dungeon Kit.


And art. I made so much art this year, and here is a little sample: