More Than a Gamble (Adventure)

About the Adventure:

A recently successful merchant in Kowal, Gregor Eliuska, has hired you to be his right-hand guards. This has been a very well-compensated and easy job to date, until an old rival tried to assassinate the merchant and you.

Gregor has now sent you to eliminate this threat, the thugs who run the gambling house “The Broken Chip”. Gregor once won a lot of money gambling there, and they had suspected him of cheating. The constables of Kowal will do nothing to help Gregor, as he is in disfavor with the Red Guard, the elite guardsmen under the charge of Baron Zedeku himself, and they have leaned hard on the constables to let things “sort themselves out”.

The Broken Chip is an ill reputed establishment, on the outskirts of Dwarf Town. Gregor has a bad habit of finding himself at the bottom of a few too many bottles and in places of questionable fame, though he has been upright and forthcoming to you as his hired henchmen. 

Your other affiliation, to the Wanderers Adventurer’s Guild, is neutral to this endeavor if asked. No one will miss the low life thugs of the Broken Chip, and they did try and kill you, members of the Guild. But Martyn, Kowal’s Wanderer’s Guildmaster, will not outright condone killing of others, especially in the city walls.

You know the Broken Chip uses the Sons of Silence, a local mercenary group, for different tasks. A group of the Sons stand guard inside the hall at all times, and they have even been seen taking small shipments into the building during the day. Strange rumors have recently been whispered about the Broken Chip such as purchases of black market magical items and strange metals, plus no one has seen the owner or his son for over a year. Gregor has sent the adventurers to investigate and eliminate the threat. 

One other bit of information, Brelmani, a counselor and friend to Gregor, has warned that something else is amiss with the Broken Chip, but he can not ferret out what this may be. Brelmani is a strange fellow, often keeping to himself, and almost never leaving the manor of Gregor. His fey like appearance, strange in this almost fully human city, is also a puzzling part of your strange working relationship.


More than a Gamble is a SagaBorn Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for 4-6 characters of 4th level.


This adventure, some friends, the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, and some refreshments and you are ready to go. Some dice may help too.


Though intended to be set in the Dark Return setting, this adventure can easily be adapted to fit in any fantasy RPG setting, though will fit most readily in a “low fantasy” setting or remote region of a world, where the inhabitants have not had much exposure to magic or non-human NPCs. An experienced Gamemaster should have no difficulty converting the module for play in another campaign world or alternate D20 RPG system. 

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