All you can do with SagaBorn at the moment.

So a whole bunch of people now have the SagaBorn Core Rulebook 1.5 Edition. But what can you play with it? The good news is we have some content made specifically for it, and some that can be run with it.

First, here’s all the stuff we currently have out for 1.5:

And almost everything for 1.o is compatible. Some of the creatures may have abilities that reference Ability Score Damage instead of Ability Modifier Damage (since we just skipped the whole “score” thing in 1.5), so if it mentions that you should just split it in half. But no worries, I am working on a revised version of the Creature Compendium.

All 1.0E books are available here.

Making your own adventures.

I have two books coming out soon* (*working as fast as one person can work on them) that will help you make adventures.

First is the 1.5 revision of the Creature Compendium. These should be small edits, and some new art. Until then you can find all creatures for free at the Dark Return Creature Compendium Index.

Also, being a D20 system any Pathfinder RPG and “Big Dragon Game” monsters should be able to be pulled over as used almost directly.

The second is a book of NPC’s. These will be basic NPC stat blocks for all the classes from level 1 to 8. This will allow you to just grab any NPC needed for an encounter. I plan to do a couple of these books, but the first one is just the basic 9 classes and paths. Expect this in the next month.

Online SRD site

We have the complete system up on the SagaBorn SRD page. So that way anyone can reference the rules from any device, quickly.

Fantasy Grounds Unity

Just a reminder that the current 1.5 system is up on Fantasy Grounds for free. It is not perfect, but it is what I use when I run the game. I would love to polish it up and get it running perfectly, but I am not a programmer and have yet to find anyone familiar with Lua programming and D20 games (who is willing to work with SagaBorn). But what is there is quite serviceable.

SagaBorn Starter Kit

I also have a Starter Kit and Intro Adventure written and edited. It is currently in the design phase, but I have prioritized getting the Creature Compendium out first. The Intro adventure will be the start of a campaign, which will lead the adventurers on building a Stronghold in the small town of Craven’s Hollow (you can watch me run the intro adventure on our Drink and Dungeon Youtube show… p.s. don’t watch it if you plan to be a player in the campaign!).

Creator’s Program

I would also like to set up a program on DTRPG to allow people to make and publish SagaBorn adventures, but I don’t know how hard that will be set up. If anyone’s interested, let me know.