Luk Dam – The Flooding of the Valley

An adventure for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old-school RPGs. A SagaBorn RPG compatible Adventure This is a short (2-3 hour) one-shot adventure. Its encounters have options for both combat or social solutions, and the main setting is a short dungeon crawl. StoryGuide Information Things have not been comfortable in the northern lands around Kowal lately. … Read more

Elven Moonbase – StarBorn Spelljammer Map

Dive into the celestial realms with our Starborn / Spelljammer map, the Elven Moonbase, a breathtaking virtual tabletop experience! This meticulously crafted map transports your players to an otherworldly Elven Moonbase, ready for adventure. Compatible with Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, this map comes in high-resolution JPG format, ensuring stunning visuals for your online tabletop sessions. … Read more

Submissions for the Saga zine.

What is it? The Saga is a free bi-monthly fandom zine. It usually focuses on gaming-related content, but this can branch out into anything within Fandom. What do I need to do? Fill in the form below with your article idea and contact information, and I will contact you. If we are interested, I will … Read more


The last week has been quite a ride! The OGL drama has hit almost all corners of the tabletop industry. But I think the industry will become stronger in the long run. WoTC broke the illusion spell that they were still this hip, cool, indie-loving company. We have now seen behind the spell and witnessed … Read more

The Plan

Well, it seems that the path that many indie developers are taking is to rewrite a d20 system and make it open with creative commons licenses. This got me really excited! Maybe I could work with a new company; collaboration is always great. As I dug in, I started to realize the issue with this … Read more