And so it begins. Again.

So here I am, writing an indie ttrpg game. Again. I am not doing this for ego, money, or fame. I am only doing this to make a streamlined game that I can play with friends that reflects the world of my writing and art.

That’s all I ever wanted. I have seen some people act like the OGL mess is our fault for being so silly as to make a D&D derivative game. But I just wanted to take a game I loved and make it work for my world. And the OGL made me feel safe doing it.

Well, now here we are, and no matter the outcome, I just don’t want an external threat to my creativity. I don’t want to try and make my writing fit into someone else’s system or worldview. I will just make my own thing.

And I think I am only an adequate designer (and some may feel only an adequate artist and writer, but who cares), and I know I will make mistakes, but this is what I want to do. I want to have control over my creative vision to put out the best, most fun projects I can.

And it all started with that above statement.