The Plan

Well, it seems that the path that many indie developers are taking is to rewrite a d20 system and make it open with creative commons licenses. This got me really excited! Maybe I could work with a new company; collaboration is always great. As I dug in, I started to realize the issue with this plan. I had already done so much to SagaBorn that switching over to another system, even a D20 system, which meant I would have to learn how they ran their system on top of converting, testing, and rewriting. It would be like Pathfinder all over again. Trying to fit a round back in a hexagonal whole. It would almost work, but it would take a lot of little things.

As I pondered sleeplessly over the weekend, I kept coming back to all the side notes I had in a folder called SagaBorn 2.0 . Notes on how if I was to make a system that was totally mine. If I had enough time in the day to really dig in… here were the notes on how I would do it. 

So, sod it all. I guess that’s the path I will take. It will take a long while. Probably longer than it took to make SagaBorn (being built on the OGL definitely had some benefits).

Looking at my notes, there is quite a bit to be excited about. And other stuff, well, that is quite a bit to think about. A few of the core SagaBorn systems were already heavily edited, like the skills and magic system. Those will probably stay close to their current iteration. Spells, well, those will have to be thrown out the door and reimagined. Most of them. Which is fine. I just finished a short story, and I can look at how I describe magic and really make the spells fit in the world.

I hope you all will find it in your hearts to keep supporting this little indie endeavor. I will need plenty of support to get this done! 

Thanks to all who have been a part of my creative journey; I will always be indebted to you.

-Mike Bielaczyc

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