Stronghold Events and Happenings

Stronghold Events are to add flavor to having a home. These should be used as fun events or a start to a story, not viewed as punishment. The scale of these events is up to the StoryGuide, but they should be scaled to make the events engaging. 

Roll 1d100Event
28-100Nothing of note
27Great crafting – all crafting is x2
26New settlers
25A traveling show
24A bard
23A merchant selling the right items
22A merchant looking to buy
21Strange Visitor 
20Good deal on supplies. 
19Need new furnishings. 
18Storm Damage
17Upkeep needs attention
16Crops are damaged
15Food contamination
14A common illness infects the community
13Baby animal
12Pest infestation
11Argument with someone from a neighboring community
10Arguments between inhabitants 
9An inhabitant owes money to someone powerful
7Acid Rain Storm Damage
5Governmental officials
4Aggressive monster attack
2Demon attack