Lifepath Preview

Download the free Lifepath preview for SagaBorn 1.5 Through rolling dice, or just choosing your favorite, you end up with a character ready for adventure and roleplay. You can preview the character Lifepath by downloading the PDF below.

SagaBorn 1.5 Core Rulebook Kickstarter is live!

SagaBorn 1.5 Kickstsrater image

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game, an old-school D20 system, has launched a Kickstarter for the latest version of their core rulebook. Since their initial launch in 2017, they have made many improvements to the rules and character classes while also focusing on what made the system shine, collaborative heroic storytelling. The new system will be free as … Read more


 I am always looking for a place where my work fits. At first, SagaBorn was a 3.5 clone with bits of my world slapped on. The system grew, carved our indie niche, and thrived. As time went on, I saw reviews, comments, and comparisons, always marking my game and art as retro or old school. … Read more

Submissions for the Saga zine.

What is it? The Saga is a free bi-monthly fandom zine. It usually focuses on gaming-related content, but this can branch out into anything within Fandom. What do I need to do? Fill in the form below with your article idea and contact information, and I will contact you. If we are interested, I will … Read more

Cyberpunk City Highway VTT Map

Cruise through your futuristic city on a large map of a city interstate. About the map This cyberpunk city highway is the heart of the city. Neon lights and holograms of advertisements float over the road, casting a fluorescent glow on the busy street below. The sleek cars driving on the highway move in perfect … Read more

The Saga Issue 7, February 2023

Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. We are celebrating one year of Saga zine! This past year, we have published amazing stories, articles, and artwork from many talented creators. We are so grateful for all the incredible support we have received, and we look forward to … Read more

Interview with John Hambone McGuire

A staple of my routine is listening to the Vintage RPG podcast. Like most good things, I forget how I got exposed to it, but now I can’t imagine not having it as a part of my weekly entertainment. One of the hosts, John Hambone McGuire, is a man of many talents. Game designer, bassist, … Read more

Tale of the Eternal Sea

A New Short Story by Dane Clark Collins Description A group of survivors from a shipwreck survive on a small rowboat adrift in an eerily calm sea. An unrelenting fog has robbed them of their sense of direction. Among them are a father and daughter determined to find their way to a mysterious island for … Read more