Conan and Friends

It’s time for that discussion of imagination again, the Appendix i of our creativity, where Dane and Mike discuss the things that made them the creatives they are. Mike: This month we are visiting the inspiration that really started the whole sword and sorcery thing we love so much. It’s time to travel to the … Read more

The Saga Issue 8, April 2023

Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. This issue is all about magic! We discuss our favorite magic systems, talk about magic groups in Atheles, and have a mini adventure caused by a magical artifact. Table of Contents Articles: Systems of Power: I examine the concept of … Read more

StoryGuide’s Screen

The SagaBorn StoryGuide’s Screen is everything a game master needs to reference during a SagaBorn game session. Four 8.5×11 panels with all the core information (and 1 bonus panel with all Conditions) is ready to be printed. These screens can be used with the DTRPG Master Master LANDSCAPE screen.  Also included is a 44″ painting of Castle Atheles … Read more

SagaBorn Roadmap 2023

I will track progress of various projects here for 2023. SagaBorn 1.5 Core Rulebook Published! Finished: Creature Compendium To do: Codex Dominum To do: Finished: Adventures Fantasy Grounds Released in 2023

Lifepath Preview

Download the free Lifepath preview for SagaBorn 1.5 Through rolling dice, or just choosing your favorite, you end up with a character ready for adventure and roleplay. You can preview the character Lifepath by downloading the PDF below.