Renown is a measure of a character’s reputation in the world. Great acts or deeds add to a character’s Renown, becoming part of the character’s Saga. Depending on the deed, the renown gained could be viewed as fame or infamy, and the exact repercussions or bonuses may depend on those the hero is interacting with. Regardless of type, characters with high renown are respected by those they encounter. They may be able to command higher prices for their services or be granted special privileges. In addition, certain skill checks may be more successful than those of lesser-known characters.

RenownStanding within the World
1People you have met remember you. 
2-3In your social circles, people discuss your deeds. 
4-5Locals have heard stories about you.
6-7People familiar with you tell stories about you.
8-9Your stories have started to filter throughout the lands surrounding your adventures.
10-11Bard and minstrels carry news of you throughout the lands.
11-12Songs are written about you.
13-15You carry sway over the masses.
16-19Kings and Queens fear your power.
20+You are legend.

Using Renown

When dealing with non-player characters, a character may use their Renown to add to Persuasion skills. You may add 1/2 your Renown (rounded up) to any Persuasion skill check. The SG will decide if the Renown gives a bonus or a negative to the roll based on what the character’s past deeds were. 



Pherilyn fought the Tinyfoot goblins, evicting them from their cavernous lair. +1 Renown

Renown as Fame

When shopping in the nearby town, his deeds have made the roads safer, so he uses his Renown as a bonus in Persuasion checks and may even receive a discount on goods.

Renown as Infamy

Years later, Pherilyn encounters the goblins again, and their chief Ma One-Toe remembers Pherilyn. His Renown would count as a disadvantage with any interactions with the goblin tribe.

Recognizing Renown

To find out if the character’s renown proceeds them, roll a d20. If the result is their Renown or lower, they and their deeds are known to those who made the check.

The character may wish to hide their identity or deeds. Or they may try and exaggerate tales about themselves to seem more important. How Renown is used can vary widely but should come down to a decision between the player and the SG, and should make the game more fun for the players.