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Specializing in narrative-based and social games. This is the home of SagaBorn RPG, World of Uteria, UFOz Are Real, and the infamous Wizard Staff Game!

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SagaBorn's fiction authors specialize in highly immersive speculative fiction set in the detailed worlds created by their team.

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The importance of a Zero Session

For years, I started campaigns by wrangling my friends into playing, having them quickly roll up characters, and jumping on the dark and mysterious road. There were always growing pains and some people who never moved beyond a character who hacked their way through every adventure. I always wanted the players to jump into the […]


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Converting D20 creatures to SagaBorn

As the SagaBorn Kickstarter comes to a close, I have had a couple of questions about how to fill in campaigns with monsters if we don’t have a Creature Compendium out yet. Converting creatures to SagaBorn is quite easy. Basic Conversion Steps Hit points, CR, and AC all stay the same. Ability scores stay the […]


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Art and fiction have always been part of Michael's world. One of his first memories of art is writing a fantasy story about a barbarian and then illustrating the story...

A writer of fantasy & sci-fi. He is a lifelong student of philosophy, physics, and all manner of strange and esoteric nonsense, and brings this background into his writing.