StarBorn: The Comm Station

Thunder rumbled across the sky.

The squad walked into the cool gray building. Lighted keyboards emitted a soft glow. A voice crackled over the comm speaker: “Wave Station, please report on the situation.”

Mak glanced around, his eyes growing wide. Tyler immediately strode over to the table. “Wave Station, here. Situation is beautiful; everything is taken care of.” He looked back and nodded at the rest of the crew, his cockiness evident even through his mask and goggles.

A slight pause of static. “Wave Station, please repeat. Situation is beautiful?”

Soul stepped in, “Here, let Meesa talk to ’em.” Ghost reached forward and grabbed the Gungan, giving him a dark look.

Tyler placed his plasmabow on the counter, his brow furrowed. “Everything is under control; targets neutralized.”

“Roger. Gather any information possible on the imposter and that beast, and call in to the Maelstrom. Beta Base, out.”

The squad visibly relaxed. Each started going about various jobs, getting ready to disable the station. Tank leaned against the wall while the medic worked on his jaw, blood still caked to their armor. Ghost started sending out the message to their allies, high above in another shuttle.

Rain began to fall outside and the door opened, a stormtrooper outlined in the soft pink light of the incoming storm. Everyone tensed until they saw the low hanging gunbelt and shortbow slung over one shoulder. Ghost’s accented voice echoed through the cold station, “Damn it, Kad, the wookie could have broken you in half.”

Kad lifted his arms clumsily in mock surrender, “By Sith, this stuff is hard to move in. No wonder these guys can’t hit the side of a Bantha when they shoot. And this helmet—who designed this field of vision?”

Mak stepped forward, “Actually, this is a great idea. Come on, everyone, lets go out and gather up their armor.”


Ghost turned to the wookie, “Don’t worry, buddy, I won’t let them put you in cuffs again.”

To be continued…

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