The Temple of the Valley

In the ancient past the Eldar peoples worshiped Tanthias as one of their primary gods. As many peoples do, they created temples to their god. Several millenia ago, the shapeshifting creatures known as nachzur troubled the Eldar as they do with goodly folk today. The nachzur Brelmani took the form of a Tanthian priest, using … Read more

The Saga , Issue 3

The Story Guide: GM’s Apply Here We spend so much time figuring out what the players want and how they play, but we have no way of letting our players know how we gamemaster before we start. So I have written an article and included a PDF Game Master’s Sheet that will allow us to … Read more

Creature Compendium

Monsters have invaded our lands. People are scared. And it is our job to help them. I have compiled many notes throughout my years of hunting, and now I will share these with you, so you can hunt as well. And hopefully make this world safe again. — Etahn Belbane, Hunter The Creature Compendium, A Guide to … Read more

The Saga, Issue 2

The Story Guide: Organizing your NPC’s When you are running a long campaign, keeping track of your gallery of NPCs can be quite daunting. There are many programs out there that can help, from Fantasy Grounds to Hero Lab. These are great solutions, but I use Google Drive for all of my writing, so figuring … Read more

Organizing your NPCs

Featured in The Saga, Issue 2  I organize my campaign like writing a novel. A good campaign has so many places, people, and themes, that it can get overwhelming to keep up with it all. I plan on doing some videos in the future showing a lot more, but I wanted to make a quick … Read more

The Saga – December 2018

The Story Guide Engaging everyone at the table can be hard. This month I wanted to challenge my players as they snuck across the landscape near the city of Kowal, trying to escape the infamous Red Guard. But how would I make this challenging and interesting for the whole table? First I put in an … Read more

Relic Hunters Club – SagaBorn Battles

We’d like to give you the opportunity to help us shape the future of SagaBorn Battles by playing the game early and giving us feedback. If you play now, you’ll even get some extra loot! If you buy the Alpha Print Kit (and any combination of products) we will give you credit for demoing games … Read more


Well I am prepped for DragonCon. I will have some Core rulebooks with me, but the focus at DCon is always costuming so that will also be the booths main focus. See everyone there though!