The Ferryport Adventures – The Crossing

The Crossing is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or Shadow of the Demon Lord compatible adventure for 4-6 characters of 3rd to 4th level, who will advance an average of one to two levels by completing this module. Merchant vessels have been disappearing on the river west of Ferryport. There are rumors of a river pirate, … Read more

The Ferryport Adventures – The Dead Gulch

The Dead Gulch

Plagues have ravaged the lands for generations. While the city of Ferryport has been spared the worst, it has still seen its share of death and pestilence. During the worst outbreaks, corpses lined the streets and the people had to find a place to dispose of the bodies. North of the city, they walled up … Read more

The Rangers of Uteria

A Spell-less Ranger Uteria is a world of little true magic, but a great deal that seems as such. Much of what a ranger does may appear like magic, but is, in fact, merely the ranger’s exceptional skill and mastery of arts unknown to most, acquired through years of practice. This guide is meant to … Read more

The Elves of Uteria

The Elves of Uteria Cover

Welcome to the World of UteriaThe world of Uteria has lived in darkness for years beyond count. It has been ravaged by plagues for hundreds of years. An ancient war ravaged the land with dark magics.For a long time, the humans have trudged along, afraid of the myths and legends left over from the past. … Read more

The Tomb of Kochun

The Tomb of Kochun Cover

About the module: This is a level 6-7 adventure set in the World of Uteria for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The players have to bargain to gain entry to the Town of Aerville and fetch a couple of artifacts from a nearby catacomb to appease the mayor. The tomb is that of Kochun, a once … Read more