Drink and Dungeon Ep 2: Into the forest.

The adventurers left the city of Ferryport in search of fame and fortune, and found a job no one else wanted. Crops have been missing, and they were hired to find out why. Their first big lead was from a pretty odd farmer, who fed them stew and then pointed them into the dark woods of the Kaelnor Forest. There they found tracks of something which is not human.

An ongoing RPG webcast. The adventurers make their way through the troubled lands of Atheles, hoping to make a brighter future for themselves.


  • Laura Bielaczyc as Xyla
  • Hannah McGinnis as Adalaide
  • Anton Souvorin as Bergamot
  • Michael Bielaczyc the GM

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Based on the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game and the Dark Return Setting.


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