Big News! SagaBorn Beta and Player Generator

Hello Wanderers!

So it is a big week for SagaBorn. This week we release the SagaBorn Beta at Gencon 2016. It has been one year since we first started our own system, and now it is time to let the public in on our big project. The Beta is out on our website as a PDF, and will be released online on DriveThruRPG on the 4th! We have a limited quantity of books (100) for Gencon, so if anyone wants a book stop by booth 1338 and get one, they will only be $10.


In other amazing news, Andrew from PCGen, the best free D20 PC Generator on the web, has joined the team! He has helped us with some fine tuning of the beta system and has started to program the SagaBorn system into PCGen. That means in the near future it will be very easy to create characters for the SagaBorn system! This is exciting to me because I have used PCGen as a character generator for so long, and now my system will be included!

So come by and say hi if you are in Indy this weekend!