Map: Cyberpunk – Design Kraft

About the map


The small design firm for the corps. One of the top recommended companies for net design and execution. Unbeknownst to them, their whole company is just a front for the Netrunner group: Page against the Machine.

Page Against the Machine

An anarchist media group who work to take down the corps and spread the word. They support indie medias giving them servers that can’t be traced and publishing a newsletter on what they call a “net-page” which is a free form scream sheet.

They work in secret, using the front of DesignKraft, a small graphic design and marketing firm. Most of those working at DesignKraft are clueless to the edgerunners that really run the small company.

It is headed up by Tom1, and chaired by Zack2 and Wilk0. No one inside the group uses their own names, all relying on aliases of the old alt metal band Rage Against the Machine.