Review of Eliuska Manor Adventure: No Dice Unrolled

A nice review by No Dice Unrolled of our haunted house adventure.

The haunted house is a classic theme with an investigative flavor and this adventure does not stray too far from the canon it refers to. It is a classic dungeon in which exploration proceeds step by step, allowing you to visit the entire Eliuska manor.

Each room is represented by a specific number (which can be found on the maps), encounters, and treasures. From this point of view, The Haunting of Eliuska Manor is an adventure with a soft and smart approach; the DM is not forced to go back and forth between the pages to look for what he needs to present the challenges. Even the plot hooks and the background of the adventure are explicit and detailed; this is a great help if you want to focus the adventure on the mysterious tone and gothic atmosphere.

No Dice Unrolled,
Francesca Viganò

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