Map: The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum

Map – The Dwarven Halls of Khazad Dum

About the map

A 48 x 29 map of the Halls of the Dwarves. I based it on the hall that Gandalf and the Fellowship ran through during the Fellowship of the Ring.

About the location

Khazad-dûm is the oldest and most famous of the Kingdoms of the Dwarves. It was the home of Durin, the first of the Dwarf Fathers. He began to work on the mansions after finding caves in the Misty Mountains.

Durin the Deathless thus became King Durin I of Khazad-dûm and ruled for many years, causing him to be named “Durin the Deathless” until he died during the First Age. Afterwards, other rulers of Khazad-dûm were sometimes named Durin, as they were considered to be his reincarnations, who the dwarves believed came to live again among his people.

The Dwarves of Khazad-dûm also colonized the Iron Hills, which became Durin’s Folk’s primary source of iron-ore.

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