Map: Stormcrest Bay

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78×57, Spelljammer Map

Hello spacers!

This week I got the new Spelljammer Box set and I am excited to explore space with some of my players. That means a few maps like this will be landing here on Patreon. If there is demand for them from you all, I may make sure there is a steady supply of them. 

While the art was great, I was a little confounded on why there were not any other locales in the box set besides the Rock of Bral. So here is Stromcrest Bay, a small pirate port in the ‘Verse. This is totally usable in Spelljammer, though the fiction is part of my StarBorn setting.

Stormcrest Bay

The small settlement of Stormcrest Bay is a treacherous place. The worst of the pirate starborn find themselves walking the rocky streets of this small village.

Stormcrest is governed by a mayor, a male dwulgar named Unorm. He rules with an iron fist. Literally. His left hand was lost in a battle, and it was replaced by a cold iron mace.

It is located on the edge of Freespace and the Ocuth Confederacy.

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