StarBorn Tactical Ship Combat Rules

What This Book Is About

The goal of the Tactical Ship Combat Rules is to give a fun but tactical set of rules for running fantastical ship battles in space. Since these rules are based in the StarBorn ruleset, the ships default to a 2d plane of gravity when they approach each other. This means these rules could also be used for standard naval combat. 

The rules were written with a hex based battlemap in mind, though it is easy enough to run these rules in a narrative approach. They are approached like aquatic naval combat, ships have facings, weapons are mounted on certain facings, and it takes planning and skill to get your ship into position to make attacks. 

The terminology here is specifically for StarBorn (you can find the complete evolving ruleset at, but it should be easy to adapt this to any other TTRPG.

What’s in the Book?

  • Ships: Basic Terran ships for StarBorn or other TTRPGs
  • Easy Rules for Movement through space: tactical, hyper speed, and folding space.
  • Tactical but simplified rules for engaging in ship to ship combat in outer space!
  • A Ship Sheet to track your ship like a character.

StarBorn is part of the SagaBorn Multiverse created by Michael Bielaczyc and Dane Clark Collins