Role in the Group

When playing games, I often find myself struggling to find where I fit in a new group. Or even afraid that I may be stepping on others’ toes with my choices. So I came up with a simple way for the whole group to visualize and discuss their roles.

Your role in the group helps move the game forward, as well as introduces interesting roleplay scenarios. These should not be taken lightly or strictly. Can a group have two leaders? Of course! But that may lead to some clashing between the two, which should be viewed as fun roleplay and not cause friction between players. This chart is not meant to be the end-all-be-all for character roles and development, but it does give a starting point and lets you know what you wish your role to be within the group.

While the in-game characters may not know this information, I would suggest that this is shared among players and not kept secret. This way, the people at the table are aware of how the others want to play and should be encouraging more story development.*

Choose your role or let fate decide:

Roll 1d12Character Group Role
3-4The Helper
5Comedic Relief
*Note these roles don’t have strict definitions. That’s so you can be inspired and not trapped in a specific interpretation.