SagaBorn 1.5 Core Rulebook Kickstarter is live!

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game, an old-school D20 system, has launched a Kickstarter for the latest version of their core rulebook. Since their initial launch in 2017, they have made many improvements to the rules and character classes while also focusing on what made the system shine, collaborative heroic storytelling.

The new system will be free as a pdf, and pay what you want for the print book upon release, but the Kickstarter is a way to pick up some extra goodies and support a small indie company doing what they love. Head over to

The SagaBorn Roleplaying System is a D20 system that encourages story driven play, cinematic combat, and great character customization.

* This 8 level system was created for the Dark Return, but can be used in almost any Fantasy Setting.

  • Seven playable species: elves, dworvs, half-dworvs, elflings, feral elflings, fauns, and terans.
  • Three classes and 9 paths: fighter, berserker, archeon, luminar, wylder, bard, factor, ranger, and rogue.
  • Simplified skill system: only nine skills covering all the things an adventurer may need to know or be skilled in.
  • Talent system: replacing the prerequisite feat system is a point based talent system
  • Heroic action: a simple system to resolve most conflicts. Each party rolls a D20, adds the coinciding bonus, and the highest roller wins!
  • A mana based magic system. Spells organized by mana cost with no level or class restrictions.