SagaBorn in Fantasy Grounds

I am doing my best to make playing Sagaborn as easy as possible. I have launched a Resources page that will hopefully help you all get playing faster and easier than ever.

So I am excited to say that Sagaborn is integrated into Fantasy Grounds better than ever before. The last update broke the ruleset that I had cobbled together in Lua, but thanks to a lot of help from Bayne4700, we not only fixed it, but got it running better than ever!

No longer will old 3.5 artifacts be taking up screen space. Spells can now be easily listed on the Spell tab. Awareness skill check quick button on the Main tab. He did an amazing job. He also has a Strongholds Extension which is closely compatible with the SagaBorn Strongholds book.

The SagaBorn Ruleset and the SagaBorn Core Rulebook are now available for free on the Fantasy Grounds Forge website.

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Play Sagaborn with an automated system in Fantasy Grounds.