The Saga, Issue 6

The Story Guide: Overland and Town Map tool – Flowscape

I have started using a program called Flowscape to create overland maps. It is a very fast tool to make very professional maps quickly. And its only $15.99 on Steam!

I have used it to make simple overhead battle maps like this:

With a little more time , I have also used it to make maps for towns. The paint tool is used to paint down flora, paths, and buildings. The buildings are a little harder to place as you have to scroll through a style of building to find the right ones with no preview, but it really doesn’t take that long.

Check out the town of Pacov below:

Which also allows you to take some nice mood photos to show your players! The camera can be flown around the landscape to get the perfect shot. You can also adjust the photo like a real camera. With the right lighting and skybox, you can make some pretty impressive shots.


Get it at Steam by clicking here!

What’s in the Works?

We plan to launch a Kickstarter for a Haunted Mansion adventure in February!

The Haunting of Eliuska Manor is an adventure for 4 to 6 level 4 characters. They are sent to the Eliuska Manor to investigate some strange sightings there and find out they may never get to leave! A classic haunted house adventure, for SagaBorn 1.5 and 5th Edition.

SagaBorn Beta 1.5 is out! Get it here or on Drive Thru RPG!

Into the World

The first expedition into the Urtgen forest has returned! Click here to hear the tales of the heroes who returned.