A set of very simple crafting rules for D20 systems. Crafting is used to repair or make new items. Crafting is tied to skills from the Core Game. Each character can know one crafting skill per 3 levels. *While written for the Sagaborn Roleplaying Game, these rules can be used for most other d20 roleplaying games.

The Temple of the Valley

In the ancient past the Eldar peoples worshiped Tanthias as one of their primary gods. As many peoples do, they created temples to their god. Several millenia ago, the shapeshifting creatures known as nachzur troubled the Eldar as they do with goodly folk today. The nachzur Brelmani took the form of a Tanthian priest, using … Read more

Creature Compendium

Monsters have invaded our lands. People are scared. And it is our job to help them. I have compiled many notes throughout my years of hunting, and now I will share these with you, so you can hunt as well. And hopefully make this world safe again. — Etahn Belbane, Hunter The Creature Compendium, A Guide to … Read more

The Wanderer’s Test

You find yourself in Kowal, a city falling apart and afraid of the changes in the world. Money and food are hard to come by, but there is one way out. The adventuring guild called the Wanderers. The Wanderers are always looking for new folk to head out into the gloomy roads of Atheles, searching … Read more