My Review of the Blacktongue Thief

My Review of the Blacktongue Thief by Chistopher Buehlman “There are moments which can change a person’s life for all time..” Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit Cartoon, 1977, Rankin Bass. When I was a kid, I waited every year for The Hobbit cartoon to play on TV. I think it was during the Fall. When Bilbo … Read more

White Box Edition for Sale!

White Box Edition for Sale! Posted on September 14, 2021 by mbielaczyc The White Box Edition of SagaBorn Battles is officially for sale. After years of playing with friends and at cons, the “1st Edition” or White Box is for sale. The box comes with all you need to start playing (except for miniatures). 4 x Battle Dice 7 x Wanderers Faction Character … Read more

The Saga, Issue 7

Rethinking Hit Points – The Haunting of Eliuska Manor – Into the World Rethinking Hit Points One of the big issues I have encountered when running games is Hit Points. Sure it is a tried and true system that is simple. But often for fun games, this means the party needs a healer or they … Read more

The Saga, Issue 6

The Story Guide: Overland and Town Map tool – Flowscape I have started using a program called Flowscape to create overland maps. It is a very fast tool to make very professional maps quickly. And its only $15.99 on Steam! I have used it to make simple overhead battle maps like this: With a little … Read more

Relic Hunters Club – SagaBorn Battles

We’d like to give you the opportunity to help us shape the future of SagaBorn Battles by playing the game early and giving us feedback. If you play now, you’ll even get some extra loot! If you buy the Alpha Print Kit (and any combination of products) we will give you credit for demoing games … Read more


Well I am prepped for DragonCon. I will have some Core rulebooks with me, but the focus at DCon is always costuming so that will also be the booths main focus. See everyone there though!  

SagaBorn at Gencon

Hail all! We are in the middle of packing for GenCon and we wanted to let all of you know where we will be! SagaBorn will be exhibiting with my main company, Aradani Studios. I will be there with my artwork and costumes, and will have plenty of books with me as well!   Sadly … Read more