The Last 2 days of the Kickstarter!

We are down to the last 2 days of our Kickstarter! THE CROSSING is a new, Dark Return setting adventure for 4-6 characters of 3rd to 4th level. Continue your characters’ Return of the Fey adventure path with over one hundred pages of encounters, locales, and terrifying monsters. Written by Shonn Everett and produced by … Read more

Of Dwarves and Artifacts: A SagaBorn Short Story

“Out with it,” barked the wizened old dwarf. Erl’s leather face shifted into a smile and he slapped Gartnor on the back with a stinging but friendly force. “The faster you ’splain what you want, the faster we can guzzle that pitcher.” “I…uh…I’m not here to drink. I just…” “Not here to drink, he says,” … Read more

SagaBorn Games: Narrative and Dramatic Role Play

Painting by Michael Bielaczyc

When creating Atheles, Michael Bielaczyc and I have worked hard to ensure SagaBorn gameplay becomes an immersive, story-based experience with interpersonal drama and engaging narrative rather than mere power gaming. An engaging narrative is difficult to accomplish when writing a book, but it is even more difficult to accomplish in a game whose story is … Read more

What’s in the Future for SagaBorn and Lone Wanderer?

So The Dead Gulch adventure is at the printers, and the PDF is already available for purchase. Where are we planning on going from here? First, we are putting out the SagaBorn Roleplaying System. This system is created for the World of Uteria setting, a harsh, low magic world. To reflect this, we have limited … Read more

Space Battle Dice

Hello Adventurers! As we approach the earth holiday season and leave Wookie Day behind us, we wanted to announce a Kickstarter that has been rolled out. Many Bothan’s gave their lives to bring us this information. Space Battle Dice These dice will be compatible with the Armada Game System and also come with a unique … Read more

Welcome to SagaBorn!

Sagaborn is home to the fiction, games, ideas, and artwork based in worlds created by Michael Bielaczyc and Dane Clark Collins, along with our many like-minded friends. At, you can view our work, purchase our books and products, and follow our journeys and exploits. To learn more about us, be sure to check out … Read more