Saga Points (Adventure Points)

Saga Points are a reward system in the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game, but can easily be converted to any other that uses dice as a conflict mechanic.

Saga Points can be used to adjust any dice roll. You can use them to fix that natural one you rolled, or adjust a low damage roll. You can spend it to help another player (if they accept the reroll). It can also be used to adjust a foe’s roll as well. The player spending the Saga Point can determine which of the two dice rolls is the one that counts. 

How do you get Saga Points? 

In SagaBorn, every player always starts a game night with at least one Saga Point. I reward them to players when they do something that is extremely cool, often a well described scene, a fun Heroic Action, or even a spectacular fail. 

Other mechanics give more points, such as staying in your stronghold or other downtime activities. 

At our table this has given the players a fun way to impact their saga and adventure, and let them live up to the name of SagaBorn.